Merrin and Marcus

"The way he dresses, he could be a model. He pulls off our hideous school uniform so well. Sleeves rolled up, tie half undone. Pant hems dragging on the floor and shoes scuffed. Hair, styled, yet messy. Looking scruffy, but in a gallant, knightly kind of way.
Mr Popular.
But, when I passed him in the hall, our eyes connected for just a tiny second. And in that one, tiny second, I saw it all."

I blend in. Some might call me a 'wall-flower.' I watch others, as they are oblivious to me. There is only one person that I wish would notice me. Him. We are together, in a way, but, . . . apart.
And when he does notice me, I'm NOT ready for it.


4. Entry 21

Entry 21

He got into a fight today.

Something’s wrong with him, he would never usually act like this. His grades have dropped, he looks like he hasn’t slept in a month, or brushed his hair in a week; and worst of all, he’s being rude.

He is never rude.

The fight started in the Maths room, one of the other boys ribbing him about something. It only took two taunts before he snapped. He lunged across the room like an arrow from a bow, lightning fast. He grabbed the other boy in a headlock. He didn’t let go, even when the boy started yelling, ‘It was a joke, it was a joke!’ He had a terrible look in his eye.


Something’s wrong with him. I wonder what?

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