Merrin and Marcus

"The way he dresses, he could be a model. He pulls off our hideous school uniform so well. Sleeves rolled up, tie half undone. Pant hems dragging on the floor and shoes scuffed. Hair, styled, yet messy. Looking scruffy, but in a gallant, knightly kind of way.
Mr Popular.
But, when I passed him in the hall, our eyes connected for just a tiny second. And in that one, tiny second, I saw it all."

I blend in. Some might call me a 'wall-flower.' I watch others, as they are oblivious to me. There is only one person that I wish would notice me. Him. We are together, in a way, but, . . . apart.
And when he does notice me, I'm NOT ready for it.


2. Entry 15

Entry 15

I passed him again. It wasn’t in a hallway this time. The witness of most of our miniature encounters, the hallway. This time, it was through a classroom door. I am ashamed to say I hovered in the hall, listening to what was said.

A teacher was talking to him, raised voice, angry tone.

“Mr Jaimison, you are one of our top students! I am very disappointed in the way your grades have dropped these past few weeks! Very disappointed!”

I peeked around the doorframe. He was standing with his broad shoulders slumped, hands in his pockets. His black hair was over his face, but I’ll bet his eyes were sparkling with that green fire he has inside of him.

When the teacher got no response from him, she grabbed his shoulder. “Marcus! Look at me when I’m talking to you!”

He looked up then. I was right. His eyes were green, glittering with anger. “Don’t touch me.”

The teacher stepped back in shock, letting go of him. He swept out of the room like a wild animal. I had just enough time to move away from the door. If I didn’t, I probably would have been knocked over. He didn’t look like he was going to stop for anyone. Let alone me.

I pressed myself against the wall as he brushed past.

He didn’t look at me.

He was angry.

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