true visions


4. the chase is on

nothing happend for like a minute or two so I decide to change my spot. I enderpearl up to one of the highest points of spawn  where the enderchest is and the anvil and the crafting stuff are located.

Another death came really quickly, the chat said ChildDolphin was slain by Graser10

I typed in the chat GG because that's what we all say with fights

and then more GG's flodded the chat and dolphin typed thanks for all your kind support, means a lot

just when I looked down I saw dolphin running across spawn with a potion bottle in his hand, must be invisible potion. 

"Dolphin, you're visible" i say

"oh really, thanks, Vee"

"any time" i say in return 

some long dreadful minutes passed and a couple of deaths came upon us. Those deaths were: TheCampingRusher and DulJuice

"Noo, dul, now im the only girl" i say trying to sound sad

"don't worry, vee. i got your back bud"

"yay, thanks" i say happily 



(that will have to be all for today, i know, ts reallllly bad, im sorry but it's kinda 12am and rushing to write this, i completely forgot about it then you know suddenly remembered. i will update soon i promise) bye bye :] oh and thanks sooo much for 44 reads, that is a huge goal for me. oh and also in the last chapter i said that the dead person had to be invisible, i totally forgot about the becoming a seeker thing so the dead people will be specs from now on.


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