true visions


2. recording some minecraft (collab video)

It was a normal day for me when i logged on my iMac wanting to record some minecraft for my lovely fans. I loggged on to minecraft on Cube SMP hitting the red record button.

"hey guys!, Vee here bringing you another episode of cube SMP!"

"now, I have some footage from a clip like a day or two ago that are going up in this video, enjoy"

*skip to other clip* (collab clip now)

"hey guys this is a cube mini game, the game we're playing is Hide 'n' Seek!" Graser says introducing the game

everyone starts cheering

"and MrGraser, what are the rules?" I say

"well, Miss.Vee (Mrs/Miss, idk) the rules are pretty straight forward, you have to hide while the seeker tries to find you. You can run for an unlimited amount of time but if the seeker hits you and ends up killing you, then you die and become a seeker yourself, last person alive wins, there will be a countdown from 60seconds once there is only one player left, the seeker's must find them and try to kill them before the timer runs out, if the timer runs out and the hider isn't dead, the hider wins" Graser explains

everyone agrees, some cheer some more.

"let the games, Begin!" Graser shouts



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