true visions


3. lucky me

every player runs in different directions while graser counts to 10

I hide in the dollar store and crouch. i'm super quiet although we're in team speak and no one will know where i am

"1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10!" "i'm comin to get cha!" graser says trying to sound evil

i see H run past still trying to find a hiding spot. I laugh silently at that although i knew everyone could hear me at this point. 

H runs into the shop next to me.

"wow, great hiding spot H" I say

"wait, you can see me?!" he says back with worry

"kinda, your hiding spot is next to mine so yea actually"

"but does that mean graser will find me?" H says

"you'll be easy now that i know you're next to lainey" Graser says 

"ugh, great! thanks lainey!" H says in sarcasm 

"you're welcome, any time!" I say 

H laughs a little. suddenly i see the chat PatClone was killed by GraserMC

I gasp in sync with H, then a sigh of relief because neither of us are the first ones to die

"well, RIP PatClone, at least i'm not the first to die" I say

"wow, good job on sounding sad" H answers back

"c'mon you're thinking it to" I say as a strike back

as I finish my conversation with H I see potion particles arise to the sky.

"who's got a potion?" I say

"oh, that's just me. I'm invisible so I can spectate without Graser getting confused and try to kill  me again" Pat says

"oh, ok" I say back, the talk just ends there.


(NOTE) I think that'll be the end of that long as chapter, if you enjoyed it like, comment, rate or whatever you do on this website, anyway new chapter coming soon I hope. that'll be all, oh and thank you for 20 reads, I think that's the number.

Bye Bye!





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