Abigail Martin is fourteen, and has come to the age where she can be sold to the Vampyre King. But what if she's his soul mate, and in order to save her from the Vampyre's from other countries, she must be turned before she's fifteen?


2. Two

Abigail expected to see her step-father come into her room, and rape her in the middle of the night. But he never did, and she was relieved. But that day was a month ago, and it's the day Abigail will be turned, and crowned Queen. The fifteen-year-old girl looks at herself. Her father was killed a month ago, for raping her mother.

Her hazel eyes look back at her in the mirror. 

"Abigail, you're free, you'll no longer be controlled by your father", she mutters. 

But, she throws the brush at her mirror. She's being changed, named Queen, and be married in these two days. Today, is the day she is getting changed. Tomorrow she will be married, and marked Queen. 

"Ma'am, King Jace said to come and get you", Elizabeth says quietly.

"Tell him to give me a minute." 

She quickly slips on her ankle boots, and does a messy ponytail. She looks at the crop top, and knee length skirt. She opens her door, and goes to join King Jace. 

"You look beautiful, my love." 

She smiles at him, as she knows he's trying to make her feel better. He made sure it was in his hospital in case anything went wrong. Abigail trusts him with her life. She sits on the bed, and Jace can't help but think how lucky he is. Not in some perverted way. But in way where she is only his, and cannot share her. 

Jace stays silent. The thing is, a bite doesn't change them. He hands her the light red liquid that makes his immortality stay. Then, Lisa takes (as humans call it) poison and injects the girl with it. Jace forced Abigail to drink the red liquid, and she was put in a twelve hour sleep. Jace immediately saw her features change, she got more of an hour glass shape, her stomach got flatter, her hair thicker, longer, and more defined, and to his guess. Her eyes were now green, instead of hazel. 

He took the drink, and took a swig. 


After the twelve hours of waiting, Abigail Martin awoke. The King was away in errands, and he should be back anytime. Abigail sat up and saw the liquid next to her. She drank it, because she knew she needed to. She wipes her mouth, puts the cap on. Then, Jace came in. Smiling at his soon to be bride. 

He helps the young girl up who will marry him and be named Queen in four hours. 

"You look even more beautiful, Abigail." 

She was breathless. The King brings her to a giant dressing room. The King promised to move her mother in. 

"Aurora will get you ready for the wedding. It'll be private, and right after we are going to town for you to be crowned Queen." 

Abigail nodded and followed the King into the room. She's sat down in a chair, getting her hair and makeup done. She looks to see King Jace watching her. Abigail's hair is straightened, while dark makeup is applied on her eyes, and some light lipstick. The woman named Aurora has her stand, and makes the King turn around. She puts her in a big gown, that's grey at the top and black at the bottom. Then, she slips on black pumps. 

When the King turns around, he can only help but stare at the woman he must marry. She looks at him. Before she can speak the King is gone. Aurora brings her down. Making sure she can walk in the heels. A Vampyre priest stood there talking with Jace. And after everything, she wished she wasn't saved. Why did the King choose her? 

She was supposed to be a servant, was that his plan all along? To be married to him. She walks over, the Priest knew she wasn't dressed up for this, but the King was always dressed up. She would be crowned Queen just after this, and Abigail was afraid. She knew The King loved her. But why? 

The ceremony went on, but it wasn't like a normal wedding. It went by quickly, and she now has a ring on her finger. The King held her hand as they made way to his limo. Everyone in the human community knew who Abigail Martin is, because this is a small town. She went to school here, helped with charities. Everyone knew that the Vampyre's watched them. But is that why only she was brought to the castle and no one else. 

What did that man mean by "your new little play toy"? Abigail looked at the man she is now married to. She's only fifteen. The King is 1,020 years old. There's no flaw on his face. He was the first of his kind. He made Vampyre's. As they reach the gazebo in which she'll be crowned Queen. Humans are not allowed to this ceremony unless they are rich. She sees her mother. 

Vampyre's line up, and her mother looks proud. The King stood to the side as she stands. But before the crown was placed on her head, King Jace speaks, 

"This girl may be young, but she's got potential to help save your human race. She's going to save you all." 

That's when the crown was placed on her head. She looks at the Humans and Vampyre's standing around. They smile at her, until Andrew grab her. People scream cause they knew who he is. The King was not fast enough. The werewolf grabbed her, and wouldn't let her go. 

He smirked and she saw his red eyes. 

"Let her go, Andrew!" 

"Your pathetic Queen probably won't make it." 

"Get off of me!" 

But the werewolf ran off with her, causing panic. King Jace ran after but was stopped when he saw the field that divides their lands. The lands that weren't supposed to be crossed. There she was, though, knocked out in the field. With the wolves surrounding her. But he didn't care that wolf trespassed onto his land, when he did not, so King Jace was getting payback. 

He stepped on, and the men looked at him. 

"Seems like she isn't meant to be Queen", Luke says barring his teeth. 

"She's only a child!", Jace says. 

"So then why turn her?", Chase spits at him. 

"I do not need to justify myself to a pack of mutts!", he barked. 

He saw Andrew staying by the girl. She was going to die if he didn't attack. 

"Attack, and I'll throw your precious Queen against a tree", Andrew warned. 

Suddenly her eyes opened, and she went to run. But Andrew threw the new born to the ground. Cuffing her to a tree. Andrew was the leader of this pack, and he could get them to kill her at any time. 

"Why are you doing this, Andrew?" 

"Why? Because you bloodsucking monsters get away with turning humans, but when more of our kind our born, you send them to kill us!"

Suddenly the tree Abigail was against burst into flames, and she was stuck. 

"Let her go, or she'll die!", Jace pleads. 

Chase let's her go but holds onto her and the tree stops burning. Luke looks the young Vampyre in the eye and she faints. Falling to the ground. 

"What did you do!", Jace says. 

The Wolves never did this before, and he was furious. He couldn't get her back without hurting her. Andrew walks to her. Every Vampyre gets some form of a Mark on them to show what they are.

Most Marks are placed on the hands, ankles, or arms. None are filled with the chosen color right away. Except for Abigail Martins' hers was filled, making the legends true. 

Her's was the shape of a star, which not one Vampyre has had. Her brunette hair covered her face, so no one could see it. 

The girl didn't move, as Andrew picked her up. They walked deeper in the woods, but the King didn't give up. He followed them, until they all came to a cliff. Andrew knew this wouldn't kill her, but she'd be killed by something else. Andrew is 1,016 years old. Making him the oldest wolf. 

"Don't do it!", a little girl says. 

They all turn to see the small pup. She has the blonde hair like Andrew, and the red eyes. 

"Emily get back, this isn't your business."

"She's only fifteen, and will die. She hasn't drank the immortality juice long enough to be fully Vampyre!" 

This is Andrews' child who can see read minds. Emily knew that Jace accidentally killed her mother, and she forgave him. But her father didn't. He set the fifteen-year-old girl down. Chase grabbed Emily. They followed him, but not Andrew. He grabbed the Queen. 

"Abigail won't be hurt. She'll turn human again, and then you'll have no chance." 

"That's not how it works and you know it. The venom is in her blood, she can never be human again, and she freely turned." 

Jace knows they have the juice, and will give it to her. Then take it away when she needed it most. 

"You know, I'll come back for the little slut", Andrew says and throws her in the dirt. 

Jace walked to her. She had bruises and cuts on her. She's still weak. He picked her up, and carried her to the castle. Her eyes opened, and she stated at the man. But he didn't look down. Jace knew she was awake, but he would not look at the girl. He's already fallen for her, when he knew he shouldn't.

His blue eyes never blinked, and she just watched him. He said he'd protect her, and that's what he's doing. They reached the castle but, he never put the girl down. He brought her to her room. It had been a long night and he wanted to be alone. 

She watched him as he set her down, and turned his back to her. 

"My King." 

"Just don't, Abigail. I'll leave you for tonight." 

He goes to leave, but she grabs his wrist. She's scared to be alone, just like every night when she is forced to sleep alone. He's been nothing but sweet. Until now. 

"Don't leave, Jace." 

No one is supposed to call him by his first name, only, Abigail is his wife. He turns to her, and she's scared he's going to hurt her. 

"You have always called me My King or King Jace. What makes you decide now to call me by my name." 

"I-I'm sorry." 

She turns. Embarrassed that she did that. Jace looks at the girl. She's scared of everything. 

Jace knew he shouldn't of said that, but she should be alone. Tears fall down Abigail's face, and Jace feels her pain. That doesn't happen unless they're- Jace knew he was in trouble. 

"Come here Abigail", he whispers. 

She looks at him, and walks to the man. He enveloped her in a hug. 

"I'll stay, Abigail." 

She never told him she hated being called Abigail. But with him, she liked it. She could feel his pain, and sorrow. Why? She didn't know. 

"I'll be back, Babe." 

She smiled at the name Babe. She quickly changed and removed her makeup. She had on shorts and a tank top. Jace came back and was breathless when he saw her.

She's so beautiful, and is only his. They both laid in her bed, with his arms wrapped around her.

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