Abigail Martin is fourteen, and has come to the age where she can be sold to the Vampyre King. But what if she's his soul mate, and in order to save her from the Vampyre's from other countries, she must be turned before she's fifteen?


3. Three

Abigail awoke to see the King snuggled up to her. She smiled at him. She stood, and sat at the mirror, brushing through her long, thick hair. Suddenly arms wrap her waist and she looks up at the man she married. 

He kisses her forehead, and brings her away from the mirror. 

"Jace", she giggles. 

He kisses her neck, making her giggle. She smiles up at him, but he sighs sadly before leaving to change. Abigail took a hot shower, washing her hair, and shaving. She then blow dried her hair. She looks at the Mark she was given. The golden outline that shimmered in the gaslights. 

She touched the star, and gasped as she felt it heat up. Heat radiated throughout her body. Her head went down, as the heat turned to pain. Tears pricked in her eyes. She fell down unable to handle the pain. 

Jace suddenly appeared next to her. 

"Abigail, what happened?" 

"I don't know", she said, as the pain disappeared. 

What is happening to her? Jace helps her up, and she smiles slightly. Why was she in pain? He moved her into the bedroom, so she could get ready for the day. They're going into town. 

She grabs a galaxy dress, white heels, pink lipstick, and some light mascara and eyeliner. The King leaned against the wall, watching his young wife get ready for the day. He felt her pain, and that pain shouldn't happen. She looks at him, and he smiles. She's only fifteen and he's so happy. Sure, he was twenty when he was somehow changed, and became King; only because he was the first Vampyre. 

He takes her hand and they leave the castle in silence. Getting into his limousine. He let the girl listen to her music. He thought of the time in the 1200's. He was born in 1210, and was changed in 1230. She'll never know the kind of hatred he went through after his mother banned him from her home. He could never see her again. Yes. Vampyre's drink blood when they're first changed. 

He had killed any locals in Hunedoara, Romania. Where he currently resides with Abigail. Hunedoara changed since then. He inherited Corvin Castle and is now the King of most of Romania. All the other castles have been abandoned and used as museums. Most of the families of the people he killed stopped their bloodline in about 2045. 

Others; like Abigail Martins' family still are running their bloodline. The King dared not to tell her he killed her father. But the man abandoned her and she had to deal with that man who raped and abused her. He killed him, too, and this time, he deserved it. 

Her father came to him, drunk, and disoriented. He told him that he left his girlfriend, after learning she was pregnant. Even though he was only sixteen, the boy knew he would die at the King's hands. He let the King kill him. 

But told him before his death; that his daughter must be married to him. That she is the Vampyre that will help protect their country from the Wolves, and America's Vampyre's. The one that are romanticized. 

His thoughts then faded into The King's mind. How he knew he'd have a inhumanly beautiful daughter. The King knew the man told the truth. Their drive was long, as he didn't tell her they're leaving town for him to talk to the American's King. Her bags were in the trunk, along with his. 

The memory Of that night lingers when he is with this girl. Suddenly he saw her body stiffen, and her eyes rolled back. He took out her earbuds, and held her. She was having a vision and knew that it'd hurt. 

The Vampyre prophecy told that she'd be able to have visions, control weather, and all elements. She would also get the tattoos extended. 

Her eyes rolled back into place, and she looked at the man. 

"Will you tell me?", he asked worryingly. 

"Do I have to?" 

"No. Tell me when you want." 

She nodded and put her earbuds back in. Abigail knew what they were doing, she's a Vampyre after all. But she acted like she didn't know, and played along with him. Only The King could read minds. 

Killing her father was the last thing to do, except, he ruled this part of Romania, and he left the mother. Most men ran from the country when they left the women. 

The King would then send the woman and child or children to a richer country where the rulers were glade to make them rich. Except hers. He excused it because they were already rich, and that her mother found a new husband. 

Also, because she was the girl. And, her father had been right. She's the one in the prophecy. Many regrets ran through his mind. He's been alive for two millenniums, and more than two centuries. 

They arrived at the airport, and Abigail stayed by The King. Hungry Vampyre eyes watched her. The Vampyre's still suck others blood. They want Abigail's. She held onto him, and they got in his private jet. 

As they got on, Jace saw a face he never wanted to. 

"Andrew get off of my plane." 

"Look at the Newborn. So scared." 

"I don't know you", Abigail says. 

"Yes you do", he laughs. 


"We went to secondary together. We dated for two years." 

"Is that why you took her?" 

"Why don't you tell her where her father went, Jace." 

His eyes widened as Andrew left the plane. Running off. 

"What is he talking about Jace." 

Before he could they were forced to sit, as they ascended in the air. About an hour into the flight, Jace knew he needed to tell. He could feel her anger. They're soulmates and he knew it's time to be truthful. 

"What did you do to my father, Jace!", she shouted, and underneath them, a storm broke out. 

"Your father was sixteen when he came to me, and told me he left you. He knew I'd find out. He came to me drunk, and disoriented. He told me that he wanted to die. He left your mother when she first learned she was pregnant with you. He told me, before he had me kill him, that he wanted you to marry me when it was time. I never wanted to kill him. I was gonna let him leave the country, but he didn't want to. He wanted to die. He was sixteen, Abigail! I'm sorry."

The storm stopped and she looked at me. 

"He wanted to die?" 

"Yes, my love." 

She hugged him. Knowing what he said was true. 

"I was going to tell you." 

"I know, My King." 

He hugs her and they prepare for seeing the American King.


As they enter the castle the American King looks at Abigail. His hand brings her to him, and he looks at the Newborn. 

"Two days old, and yet you married her, Jace?" 


Her eyes look to her husband, and he walks to Harold. Taking the girl back in his arms. 

"I am not here for games, Harold. Tell me how to get Andrew away from my kingdom." 

"You think it was easy for me? No, what I did was brutal, and I don't think your precious Queen would appreciate that." 

Abigail knew this man murdered Wolves. She knew Jace wouldn't do that. Would he? 

"I will not result in killing them!"

"Too bad, cause that's what they wanna do to you're precious wife!" 

Andrew appeared and smiled. She hid behind Jace. She looked up at him. 

"I should've known this was a trap", Jace muttered. 

He grabbed her hand as they made their way to the door. He wanted her safe, not dead. It was the promise he made Abigail's father. 

"made a promise to keep her alive?" 

Abigail ignored them. She didn't know how to use her powers. But she tried. She stuck her hands out and a purple ball formed in front of her. She flung it at the two. They landed on the ground and looked at the girl. 

"You're so naïve, Abigail. He only married you because you're the strongest Vampyre. You think he actually loves you!", King Harold yelled. 

She flung it at him again, and he screamed. Not cause it hurt, but because she was beating him. The wolf smirked. 

He grabbed her by the neck. Causing her to choke. His smirk remains, because the other hand had hold of her wrists. She couldn't fight. Jace pulled him off and she coughed. He was not allowing her to die. 

She stayed on the ground while the three fought. How had she down that? Jace ran to his wife and they left. Flying back to Romania right away.

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