Abigail Martin is fourteen, and has come to the age where she can be sold to the Vampyre King. But what if she's his soul mate, and in order to save her from the Vampyre's from other countries, she must be turned before she's fifteen?


1. One

"Abigail, get your ass up!", my step-father yelled. 

Today's the day I might be sold to the Vampyre King. I get up and take a shower, which thankfully, he allows me to do. I wash my hair, and take some time before I shave and get out. I quickly blow dry my hair, and waterfall braid it. 
My mother comes and gives me a strapless mint green dress that comes down to my knees. I step into the mint green bow lace pumps, and my mother starts on my makeup. By the time I must leave, I can't see. My mother hands me my cell phone and earbuds. 

Once I'm sold, they're coming to grab my personal belongings. 
My step-father pulls me out of my bedroom harshly. He wants me gone. We're one of the richest human families who are able to own tv's, cell phones, anything. My mother is so submissive to him. He shoves me in the passenger door and stands there. He's not horrible looking. My mom had me when she was 16 but didn't know who my father was. This man, is supposed to be my father. But he treats me like a toy. He slams the door, as we drive to the castle. 

I play with the dress, and his hand slides up my thigh. I squeak as it hits my underwear. He smirks as I move away, and he pulls me back. I bite my lip so I don't get the nerve to hit him. We pull up, and a guard takes me in. They don't take my phone, because they know who I am. 

I'm immediately pushed on stage. There's King Jace, his hair midnight black, and has piercing blue eyes. He looks to be at least sixteen. But he's over a thousand years old. 

"This is Abigail Martin. Daughter of Lois Martin, and Sir Laurence. She's fourteen." 

"Do a twirl", the King smirks. 

I do as I'm told, and I'm stopped. His eyes search mine, and I know he sees my bruises and cuts. 

"I'll take her, bring no more." 

I'm brought to the King. I look down. He'll treat me the same as every other man. It's 2230 and it's back like before they discovered electricity. He doesn't look at me as servants go to get my things. 

"You will not be a slave, nor servant. You will not be treated unfairly anymore, and will be rewarded. I know you'll be scared, but I'm naming you Queen of this country." 

"But we aren't married, my King", I say. 

King Jace doesn't speak. He stops me, and I almost trip. 

"Abigail, young naïve, Abigail. I created the laws centuries ago. I know what they say, and I am King. So, therefore, I can make you Queen until you are fifteen, and must be turned so we are married." 

I turn fifteen in a month. I nod at the King. We walk into a giant room, and I gasp. He examines my bruises and cuts to be sure the cuts are not infected. 

"Your step-father no longer has control of you. No one will hurt you." 

Soon servants arrive with all my things. Making me feel weird. The King takes me to his room and I stand there. My light brown hair covers my face, and my hazel eyes face the ground. The King forces me to look at him, and I do. His hands cup my face, and he looks down at me. Being a Vampyre and kissing someone incredibly younger than you, or in that category; it's not illegal. 

King Jace kisses me softly, and for once I feel loved. Why does he care, and as we pull away from the gentle kiss. My step-father is there. My eyes widen in terror. He makes his way to the man who abused me my whole life. 

"Your human law may say you can abuse women, but I rule you now. I say you are not allowed to. This girl is only fourteen and she will have permanent scars across her body. If you lay a hand on her mother, you will arrested and killed." 

I look at King Jace. 

"Do you understand?" 

"Yes", he spats. 

The man leaves and the King looks down at me. He's protecting me, and my family, why? 

"Your highness, she's been submissive I him my whole life. Why did you tell him you'd kill him?" 

"because I've been around since 1210, Abigail. Look at you, I know you're scared of men. I will not purposely hurt you. Neither will he. Your new human laws may say that you can be abused, but the human laws when I was a child was: you cannot abuse women." 

My eyes water as I realize that he actually cares, and that he will not let me die. We return to my room and the King lets me change before I go and join him for dinner. Vampyres do eat human food.

I take my hair down and remove my makeup. I slip on a skin right black v neck, black skinnies, black hightops, a leather wrap around bracelet, skull earrings, and a black choker necklace. When I walk down the steps Jace's eyes widen.
He pulls a chair out for me. I smile up at him and he does the same. The servants bring food but I don't look at them. I was meant to do that, so why aren't I? When they leave I sit there. Why would he make me queen? I know the legal age to change a human is fifteen, but why choose me? 


The King orders one of the servants to get two of his finest horses ready for a ride. It makes me jittery, because he must know that I love them. Once they are groomed, and have saddles placed on them, I look at the mare sitting in front of me. 

"This is Persephone", the King says, admiring the large mare standing there. 

He helps me onto her, and hands me the reigns so I can ride here. Persephone has a pitch black coat. Once he gets on his we ride off into the forest. On a lit trail. I'm ahead of him, and I think it's so he can protect me. We ride around in silence for an hour, until he orders that we return before dark. We head back to the castle, and as we reach the castle, I'm pulled off my horse.

The servant grabs hold of Persephone, while the King doesn't notice at first. Then as he steps down he's seen I've fallen. I do not see anyone by me, until I'm pulled up by my hair. I scream and see red eyes. 

"Looks the the King has a new toy!", the man who grabs me shouts. 

"Andrew, let her go!" 
I'm thrown to the ground, and I stay down. Afraid to move a muscle. The King walks to me and has me stand. 

"Oh fuck", he mutters. 

I look to see my hands are bleeding, and the knees of my jeans are soaked with blood. He rushes me in and I sit on an examiners table. The nurse or whatever pulls up my pant leg, and there's a semi deep cut. I'm cleaned, and I look at the King. 
He returns me to my room for the night. I sit there, and change into pajama shorts, and a white tank top. Happy to be saved by someone who won't kill me. 

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