Abigail Martin is fourteen, and has come to the age where she can be sold to the Vampyre King. But what if she's his soul mate, and in order to save her from the Vampyre's from other countries, she must be turned before she's fifteen?


4. Four

Abigail sat on her bed, with The King pacing in front of her. Her green eyes watch him. 

"I can't believe he did that!", he yells.

The small girl squeaks, as he hits the wall, but didn't break it. She moves further into the bed, and The King looks at her. Realizing he had scared her. 

"Abigail...", he trailed. 

She looks down and he sits on the bed. He hovers above the girl. She looks at his blue eyes, and it's like her fear disappeared, and his worry filled her head. Her green eyes search his face. Abigail pulls him down to her. She needed his touch, it was like electricity seared through her body. His hands land on her waist as her lips hesitate on his. He smirks. 

Knowing the girl didn't know what to do. He pressed his lips into hers, and his tongue ran across her lips. She opened her mouth, letting his tongue in her mouth. He moaned. Her skin burned with a fire hot intensity. 

Jace made them both sit up, but she soon pulled away. He looked at his Queen. 

"I'm sorry for scaring you."

She breathed in deeply. 

"Apology accepted, My King."

He kisses her forehead, and smiles wholeheartedly. She cuddles into her husband making him smile. His blue eyes melt her. Abigail Martin was in love with a man she just met. It was not supposed to happen, but it did and she likes it. Her father had made this marriage happen on his death bed, and now Abigail is happy. The scars of the past are from the past, and she knows that she has someone who will love and cherish her forever. He pulls her down so they can lay together, and be close. 

"I told your father I'd protect you, and that's exactly what I'll do", he smiles. 

Abigail smiles back afraid if she didn't, that she'd offend her King. His blue eyes look into her own. She knew she loved him, and she didn't when she first saw him. But when she looked into his eyes for the first time, she fell in love. 

What was it? How had she? Unless what's Aurora told her was true. 

"Yes, my love. We're soulmates." 

She sighs. 

The King is called to his duties, as she must stay in her room. She grabs her laptop, laying on her stomach on her bed. The King is always busy and she hates it. Quietly she sneaks out of her room, and walks outside his study. He can't read her thoughts. 

She looks in. 

"Jace, you're going to ruin her." 

"You think I wanna hurt Abigail? She's got walls built which keep me from her thoughts. She pushes me away, and I know she wants to let me in." 

"Answer me Jace. Do you care for that little girl?"

"Yes, Tessa." 

"Why? She's useless until her powers come in at full force! Jace, leave with me for a week, and I promise. She won't notice." 


She races upstairs and lays on her bed, running her hand through her hair. Jace comes in, and his heart sink. It's for the best. He puts her to sleep for a couple hours. Kisses her head, and walks off. His black hair falls to his face. 

"This is the best thing I can do", he whispers. 

The King leaves with the woman named Tessa. Knowing how much his queen'll hurt. 


Abigail awakes, alone in the castle except for servants. None would tell her where her husband had gone. She sat in the garden, but servants stayed with her. 

"Why'd he leave me?", she whispers sadly. 

When she looks up, Andrew is there. 

"He just left you?" 

"I don't care if you kill or torture me. Cause you were right", she says sadly, having tears fall. 

Andrew's heart sank. It's when he broke up with her, and made her forget about him. He kneels down. 

"He left with Tessa, because it's what's right. You don't let people in, and he needed you to trust him, so he could use you." 

"Does he really love me?" 


Andrew holds out his hand. She was never the Queen. She knew she wasn't. No one seemed to mind she was crowned. She takes it, and they walk to his house he has by himself. No one else. Andrew looked at her. 

She's beautiful. Jace loves her, and when he realizes his mistake he'll return. 

"Will you kill me?" 

"No. You saved our lives." 

When they get to his house, she stands there. Andrew allows her in, and she smiles. He let's her on the couch and it reminds her of home. 

Jace looks at Tessa. He went to a hotel in Transylvania. He felt her pain, her crying. She's willing to open up. He can only get in when she's asleep. And she is. Images of her being raped flash on his mind. She'd cry for her mother. But she wouldn't stop him, because he'd kill her if she did. 

"I'm sorry, Jace", she muttered. 

Tessa was asleep in the next room. His love was alone, and it's because he left. He's letting Tessa take her powers. What fuels them is his love. Without him there, they can be taken. 

Jace checked out of the hotel, asking he didn't tell Tessa. The man nodded and Jace drove back to his castle. Once her got there he realized, she willingly went with Andrew. Jace ran to the wolfs house. 

Pounding on the door. Abigail answered and he saw she was never asleep. She let her walls down cause she was crying. 

"Leave me alone, Jace." 

"No. I made a mistake and I need you to come back." 

"Why, so you can take away my powers? To give them to that slut! You ruined me." 

He knew he couldn't get closer. 


"Take this ring back, and everything!" 

She went to take it off, but couldn't. 

"come home." 

"Why?", she croaked. 

"Because I love you, and I made a mistake. Please say you love me,
If you don't, I'll leave you alone." 

But Abigail does love Jace. He's her everything. 


Andrew appeared. 

"Here to torture her?" 


Abigail looked at them. 

"I love you, Jace. But, you hurt me so bad." 

Her aura was blue. Showing her sadness. But Andrew urged her to him and she looked at the wolf. He nods and Jace takes her. Jace kisses her and everything goes away. 

But Tessa tackled her to the ground. 

"Get off me!" 

Tessa is pulled off by Jace. But he saw Tessa clawed her flawed face. 

"This deal is off!" 

Tessa disappeared and Abigail followed silently behind. Jace doesn't look back. As they reach the castle, her marks expand. He smiles as gold reaches her fingertips. Her gold mark burns intensely. 

"What's happening?" 

"your father isn't dead." 

He looks at him, and there's a thirty year old man. Hurting his only daughter.

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