It's Complicated


3. Chapter 3

Louis POV

I was watching the television with the boys and the girls while Niall talked to Brooklyn. Suddenly there was a knock at the door. " I got it." everyone just nodded. I picked up the door and I came face to face with a blonde haired boy that was about 5'10." Who are yo--" I was cut off by Daniella. " Colton?!" so this was the jerk that almost killed Brooklyn. " Is Brooklyn here?" he asked. I nodded. I closed the door and ran upstairs bursting through the door. " What?" Niall asked. " That jerk Colton is at the door." Brooklyn froze till she blacked out. Niall shook her like 3 or more times till she finally awoke again. She rose from her bed and walked downstairs. We followed behind her. She took a heavy breath before opening the door.

Brooklyn's POV

I opened the door. Colton tried to grab my hand but I jerked it away. " What the fuck do you want?!" I shouted at him. " You." he said bluntly. " Well I don't want you. Your a piece of shit who broke my heart too many times now. " " Just list---" I cut him off. " No you listen you've always been a dick to me. You were just a mistake I brought into my life. Goodbye Colton." I said and slammed the door in his face. Everyone looked at me shocked. I couldn't take it anymore I ran upstairs crying. " Brooklyn?" " Go away." " Brooklyn I know he hurt you but he's the past now.  Live in the present." Niall told me. " Colton------ has cheated on me 6 times." I admitted. " Hey, stop talking about him. Forget about him. You have me now to show what its like to be a true boyfriend." I smiled. He kissed me passionately for what seemed like forever but it was really only 10 seconds. We pulled away just smiling at each other. Its good to know that there someone to be there for you. And that someone was Niall.

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