It's Complicated


1. Chapter 1

Brooklyn's POV

I was at the mall right now with my four friends, Jenna, Margret, Daniella, and my best friend Jocelyn. We were all shopping for our dresses that also had to match our theme for prom..... England. " Hey what about this one?" I held up a dress that goes to mid thigh and had the England flag on it with a white cover-up. " Yes, that's perfect! Go see how that looks." Jocelyn said. I went into the dressing room and tried it on. I wasn't too sure so I went outside the dressing room and they all nodded at me so I went with the dress. When I came back out they were already checking out. I caught up to them and paid and we walked out together. " So.... who are you taking Brook?" " Who do you think?" " Colton?" I just nodded my head. Colton was my boyfriend we have broken up a few times because I caught him cheating. I never found it as a big deal. Also, tonight is my birthday and I'm turning 19. " I can't believe your birthday is on the same day as prom. I'm so jealous!" exclaimed Daniella. My other friends just nodded while I rolled my eyes. We were walking to my house since it wasn't to far. " Remind me why we went shopping on the day of prom?" they all just shrugged their shoulders. " Ok, so I'm doing make-up. Jenna has hair, and you guys let us get ready first so we can get your guys stuff done." they just nodded as we entered my house. Me and Jenna went upstairs and got into our dresses. " Wow, you look amazing!" I exclaimed to Jenna. " Not as amazing as you!" I just blushed and sat in a chair in front of my body length mirror and started my make-up while she started her hair. Once we were both finished with our separate things I did her make up and then she did my hair. " Ok girls, come on in!" I shouted they all came rushing in. " Ok so who wants their make-up done first?" Jocelyn raised her hand and she sat down and I got started. Once me and Jenna were done with everybody's hair and make-up we looked at the time. " Ok, girls get your heels on. We got to go!" we all put our heels on and rushed out the door and got into my Camaro and drove off.


We finally got to prom and got out of my car. We all walked in and everybody was staring at us we just continued walking in a little awkwardly. We got to our usual spot that we go to at dances. " Wow, great party and look One Direction are on every wall it's like paradise." I said and they knew I wasn't kidding. They all laughed and we carried on with our conversations. " Hey, I'm going to go look for Colton he said he was here a while ago!" I shouted over the loud music to Jocelyn. She just nodded and walked off to our group of friends I started walking around till I saw 3 familiar faces of my ex and his friends. I walked up to them since we were all friends. " Hey guys!" I said. " Hey Brooklyn! Wow may I say you are looking quite damn fine! Oh and Happy Birthday!" Zack my ex said. " You know I'm dating your best friend right? Speaking of Colton have you seen him?" Zack shrugged his shoulders and said, " He might be in the hang out room. But....... just to warn you he went in there with a girl so he might be cheating." he said. " Right... ok but if he is thank you for warning me about it." I said and kissed him on the cheek then walked away to the room he was talking about. I went in there and it was crowded and when I managed to get past all the people I looked around and saw him on a couch making out with some girl. But this time it was worse. This wasn't like the other times where he just kissed a girl and I saw it....... this time they were basically having sex. I cleared my throat and he saw me and had an apologetic look on his face but I could see that it wasn't real. " Thanks for the best birthday present ever." I said through tears and ran out with him shouting my name but I ignored. I ran straight up to my group of friends and embraced Jocelyn in a hug crying into her dress luckily I was wearing waterproof make-up. " What happened?" Jocelyn asked hugging me back. I stepped back and told them everything. They gave me all sad looks and embraced me. Zack came over and saw I was upset. " Colton?" he asked. I just nodded and he hugged me. Colton found me and tried to kiss me put I pushed him back. " No, Colton I'm tired of being cheated on and on my birthday? Pathetic. Were done..... for good." I told him and ran into the school hallway. He followed me and pushed me against the wall. " You never break up with me again we are staying together whether you like it or not." he said but I pushed him off and shook my head. " No, I'm done with you and your stupid little games you play. We are done." I said. He just got more mad and pushed me against the wall and started to choke while I used some of the last of my energy in my voice and shouted, " Help!"

Niall's POV

We were currently inside a school in America making a special appearance and performing. " Help!" I heard someone call which sounded like a girl. " Did you hear that?" I asked the boys and they all nodded. We split in different directions to try to find out the source of the scream. I came across a wall where a girl was struggling to get a guys hand free from her neck. She was a beauty but I put that in the back of my mind and ran to get the guy off of her. I punched the guy straight in the face and helped the beautiful girl behind me sit down. Once she was seated I got up to the guy and started beating the shit out of him till he got up and ran off. " Boys! Boys over here! I need help!" I shouted as I squatted beside the girl and trying to help her stay awake. They all came rushing over while the girl was struggling to stay awake. " Brooklyn! Brooklyn where are you?" four girls running out of the gym shout in unison. They looked over and saw us and ran over but only to see this gorgeous girl in front of me. " Brooklyn! Brooklyn stay awake you need to stay awake. Someone call 911!" a girl with dark brown hair said. One of her friends pulled out her phone and dialed a number. " Hey so who is this and who are you guys?" I asked. They all just looked at me. Till the girl with dark brown hair answered. " I'm Jocelyn. That's Margret, Jenna, Daniella, and she is Brooklyn." she said pointing to the girl laying on the ground who was struggling to stay awake. The paramedics showed up and put Brooklyn on a stretcher and took her to an ambulance. "All of you can sit in here if you want." said a paramedic. We got inside and sat beside Brooklyn just watching her. All the girls started crying. " Who could have done this to such a sweet girl. Never has she once done anything wrong and her life is completely messed up." said Jocelyn. " Did any of you see who did this?" Jocelyn asked. I raised my hand. " What did he look like?" she asked. " Well he had bleach blonde hair that was cut off at about mid-head and he was about 5'10." I said. " God dammit! That fucking asshole! It was fucking Colton! I'm going to kill that dick!" Jocelyn shouted. " Who's Colton?" I asked. " Her ex. She broke up with him tonight. He fucking tried to kill her on her birthday!" she said. Today was her birthday. She probably was turning 19. We finally arrived at the hospital. And she was rushed to the emergency room leaving us in the waiting room. Just to see if she would make it.

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