Stardust and Embers

So, I'm not really that much of a sappy, poetic, articulate person. I like to write adventure and sci-fi. But the point in adventures is stepping outside your comfort zone, so I'm giving a shot at poetry.
These poems don't exactly represent my feelings at the certain time, but these are words that have been swimming in my head and I'm terrified to not record them somehow, before they become lost. All of these are my poems, please give credit!

(Wish me luck! I've never done poetry before so sorry if it's bad)


33. poem 32

I made a promise

Mostly to myself,


I still intend to keep it

I would help

Anyone and everyone

That was struggling

With anything

Wether it be

Mild depression

Or suicidal, reckless feelings

And I see people everywhere

With marked arms

And shifting eyes

And I know I need to reach out to them

Tell them that they're beautiful

Because they are

They say 1 in 8 teenagers

In our generation

Have the marked arms

and shifting eyes

But I know that I can't help


But I still try

And I still fail

I try again and again

But I alone

Can not fix all the brokenness of this world

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