Stardust and Embers

So, I'm not really that much of a sappy, poetic, articulate person. I like to write adventure and sci-fi. But the point in adventures is stepping outside your comfort zone, so I'm giving a shot at poetry.
These poems don't exactly represent my feelings at the certain time, but these are words that have been swimming in my head and I'm terrified to not record them somehow, before they become lost. All of these are my poems, please give credit!

(Wish me luck! I've never done poetry before so sorry if it's bad)


18. poem 17

There is a tightrope

High up in the sky

No one can reach it

Unless you can fly

But a tale was once told

Back in the days of old

That there were men that hold

The ability to go

High, high, high in the sky

Reaching up and saying goodbye

They grasp the tightrope

Both hands gripping tight

And they sail,

Away into the night

Now I don't know if this story is true

But the tale to be told

Is all up to you

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