Stardust and Embers

So, I'm not really that much of a sappy, poetic, articulate person. I like to write adventure and sci-fi. But the point in adventures is stepping outside your comfort zone, so I'm giving a shot at poetry.
These poems don't exactly represent my feelings at the certain time, but these are words that have been swimming in my head and I'm terrified to not record them somehow, before they become lost. All of these are my poems, please give credit!

(Wish me luck! I've never done poetry before so sorry if it's bad)


13. poem 13

A little girl

Only 7

Toothy grin

Tripping over her own feet

A little girl

Only 10

Mouth full of braces

Loosing friends fast

A little girl

Only 13

Unsmiling lips

And covered arms

A little girl

Only 16

Doesn't want a car

She wants to die

A little girl

Only 19

College coming,

Stress building

Giving up fast

A little girl

Only 22

Drinks her problems

And lights her sleepless nights away

A little girl

Only 25

Feels her heart

Repairing itself slowly

A little girl

Only 28

Found a man

Who made her feel better

A little girl

Only 31

Has a baby girl

That she loves with her life

A grown woman

Only 89

Says goodbye


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