Stardust and Embers

So, I'm not really that much of a sappy, poetic, articulate person. I like to write adventure and sci-fi. But the point in adventures is stepping outside your comfort zone, so I'm giving a shot at poetry.
These poems don't exactly represent my feelings at the certain time, but these are words that have been swimming in my head and I'm terrified to not record them somehow, before they become lost. All of these are my poems, please give credit!

(Wish me luck! I've never done poetry before so sorry if it's bad)


16. authors note

Hey guys!

So you've made it this far. Good job, I guess.

Anyways, I don't really know what I want to say here. I've devoted this entire chapter to me.

If you want, go ahead and skip it. It won't hurt my feelings.

Anyways, I'm actually really proud of this Movella. Currently, it has 92 reads. I know, it's not a lot. But I'm new, so it's good for me.

Like I said in the premise, I've had 0 experience with poetry. I just kinda went at it. It feels good to just pour words out on paper.

You should try it.

Anyways, I might add more to this. I'm kinda braindead right now so, goodbye! Thank you so much for reading!! Love ya!

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