7 years and still nothing....

Based on my life. 7 years of being in the friend zone and still nothing has been spoken.


1. How we met.

We met when I was in 5th grade, his sister was in my classes. She became my best friend, we would always be together. When I first met her family, my eyes laid on him. He always reminds me that he used to like me when we first met. He would bother me in school a lot.

 After we graduated in 5th grade and he was in 6th grade (I was suppose to be in his grade, but I failed two grades. 2nd and 3rd grade). So when we started being in middle school (6th grade), he would bug more. I would go to his house more daily. He and I would hang out more. After that started happening I began to have a relationship with his older brother. I lasted with their older brother for 2 1/2 years. After that I would still go to his house. His mom and I would constantly talk. He began to get mad at me and didn't go to his house for about 2 years or so, but we kept in touch.


  Still today we remember a lot more memories we had in those 7 years. What I am still confused over is why he is still keeping me in the friend zone. We know each other too well to hide things now. Its 7 years, may be I'm the most stupidest girl in this world to still keep him in my life. The problem is I can't let him go I have tried its not possible. Others think we will get married, and others think I'm making a story up.


 It may sound as if its a movie, but in reality its not. Its a true story. I can't let him go, my faith is too crazy to be that faithful. It makes no sense, and everyone in my family thinks I am crazy to wait 7 years and counting. That he does not want anything with me, but he doesn't want anyone period. I do not understand it either, but my heart can't let him go. What a faith a girl like me must have is crazy... May be but I truly can not let him out just like that. I just can't!

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