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Sara is an FBI Agent. She has been training all her life for the ultimate mission, but what if that mission was to protect One Direction?


1. Chapter 1

Chapter 1:

Liam's POV

We were in the middle of singing Gotta Be You, at the O2 Arena in London, and Harry just hit the high note.

I started the second verse, and I noticed something reflecting in the back rows. I was confused, no one was supposed to sit there,we haven't sold any tickets for those seats. I could see a small figure move around, crouching behind the railing, as if it was trying to hide.

I hadn't realised that I had stopped singing at that point. I just stared at the back row, trying to figure out what was going on. I didn't really think of something bad until I saw the person pull something out..something big and looked like..

A rifle.

I began to panic until I felt a body slam against mine and the sound of a gunshot rung throughout the whole arena. Screams and the shuffling of feet followed immediately as security rushed fans out of the building to safety. I looked to my side and exactly behind where I was standing was a large bullet hole. If this mysterious person didn't jump on me, I would be lying dead on the floor right now with that bullet right inside of me. Who just saved my life?

Whoever it was couldn't have been Paul, or any of the security actually. This person felt too small and too light as they landed on top of me. I would've been crushed underneath one of our security guards.

I got pulled to my feet by the rest of the boys as they sprinted off stage, dragging me with them as I stumbled in pure shock, with my ears still ringing. I could've just died.

I took a quick look at the back rows and I could see with the lights on now it was empty. There was not a person in sight. But someone was there. With a rifle. Trying to kill me. I turned my attention to the stage behind me to see who I was saved by, but I was ambushed with all of my friends, my band and my crew, all of them making sure I was okay. I told them I was fine but that didn't seem to register with them.

I was fine physically, but maybe not mentally. I was still in absolute shock with what had just happened. I've never been so close to dying in my life.

"Wh-what has just happened?" I stuttered.

"Well besides of the obvious fact that your blood was almost splattered everywhere, we're not exactly sure. But we have Sara out there now looking for the bullet and the bullet casings to inspect." Paul informed me.

"Sara? Who's Sara?" I asked, completely ignoring everything else he had said. The name was unfamiliar to me.

"The girl you should thank for saving your life." Paul said before joining into an intense conversation with the other guards. I looked over at the boys in question, but they all shrugged and shook their heads, indicating that they didn't know who she was either. Probably some woman security guard they hired.

We all just sat around backstage, with the protection of the guards, waiting to hear back from this Sara woman. She was still a complete mystery to me, for everyone seemed to busy to answer my questions. After about 15 minutes, a young girl entered the backstage area from the stage and walked over to Paul, who was currently hovering at us. She must have been a fan or something, because she couldn't be more than 17 or 18 years old. She had a small frame, but there was still plenty of muscle on her. She wasn't just bones; you could tell that working out and training is ordinary for her. Maybe she played soccer. Those sports seem to be very popular here in America. Her brown hair was pulled back into a long sleek ponytail, and her eyes were dark and very tense. Her outfit was very unusual for a concert though, she was wearing tight black pants, a black shirt, black combat boots and a dark blue wind cheater jacket. I guess some people have their own taste on fashion, and black was obviously her colour.

I was getting ready to sign an autograph, or take a picture, the boys thinking the same thing, but we were not expecting the words, directed towards Paul, that came out of her mouth. She didn't even take a second to acknowledge us.

"I couldn't find a shell casing anywhere, but the bullet was easy to find as it left a big gaping hole for everyone to see." She pulled out a small plastic bag labelled 'Evidence'. She handed it to Paul as she continued.

"The shooter cleaned after himself very well, so for now, this bullet is all we have."

Paul gave her a concerned nod, before handing the bag to another guard, who immediately left, as if they had planned all this out in advance. Niall's curiosity gave away before mine could as he spoke up to the girl.

"Um, excuse me, who are you?" She turned and gave him her full attention long enough to give him her name.

"Sara Payne, it's a pleasure to meet you." She gave us a nod of respect, before a guard grabbed her attention. It was funny, she had the same last name as I did. We all stared at each other in shock. This is the person who just saved me from death? A teenaged girl?

I, like the rest of the boys, unable to believe this, until she turned her back to walk away with the guard. On the back of her wind cheater read the five letter word in bold, yellow letters that confirmed everything: AGENT.

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