Of Fallout and Knowledge

When the earth was destroyed, the Astrade Project workers were ready. They had constructed for one million children to be sent to the planet Astrade, to try to restart life.
Alecia is one of these children. She had no childhood, no embarrassing preteen years, no knowledge of what she's getting into.
She soon meets the dashing Caiden. He's more than determined to find out where the mysterious Journal is, and he drags Alecia into his plan.

Read to find out what happens!


1. Waking up

"I began my new life waking up."

Colors and feelings flashed beneath my eyelids. Thoughts; sometimes a single word, sometimes a tidal wave of letters and empathy inscribed in them.

My eyelids snapped open to see darkness behind glass.

I searched the glass and saw the slightly disoriented face of me. Long, wavy brown hair, bright green eyes, freckles splashed across my nose.

The scary part was that I didn't remember anything.

Where was I? Who was I?

I could remember some things, like books and school. But it all felt artificial. Like implanted memories to help me understand.

I slowly raised my hand to touch the glass. My fingers pressed against the cool glass above me.

I realized that I was moving. I was moving quickly, but encased in the glass I could barely feel a thing.

What is happening?

"Hello..?" I barely whispered.

Suddenly, a blinding light appeared from above me, and it stayed for the longest time.

I couldn't tell if I had fallen back asleep before the lights ended.

I was now in some sort of tunnel, dim, flickering lights racing above me.

I tried it again. "Hello?"

"Hello. " said a small, robotic voice.

"Who are you?" I asked.

"I am EX716 Galaxy Project animator." It replied.

"Where am I?"

"You are on the planet Astrade, approximately 132,722 light years from earth. "

"Why am I here? Who am I? What happened?" I asked quickly, trying to sit up. I hit my head on the glass accidentally. I sighed and rubbed my head.

"You were one of the sperm+egg matches left on Earth. We were programmed to send you to Astrade when the earths ecosystem collapsed. Your assigned name is Alecia. " it replied.

"We are almost at your stop. You will enter a room where you can chose 5 outfits that you will keep in your bag, or wear," it said as I realized that I wasn't wearing anything.

"Wait, if I'm ... Umm however many light years away from earth, shouldn't I be a lot older?" I asked. I thought that light years meant how many years the speed of light would take.

"Yes, but scientists, the original creators of the Astrade Project, discovered how to move something at the speed of thought. This project took approximately 500 years to complete, but now earth is abandoned. You and 999,999 other children will eventually end up at Astrade. We want a new planet earth," it replied.

"Right..." I whispered. Suddenly, I came to a stop. The glass above me lifted up.

"Please stand up and get out and move to your right," it said.

I bit my lip and shakily got to my feet. I stepped out onto a stair and surveyed my surroundings.

I was in a dimly lit tunnel, light coming from somewhere unknown. There was a dark tunnel to my right and the air smelled of dust and water. I took a deep breath and set out to the dark tunnel to my right.

After a bit of traveling, I made it to a white room filled with clothes.

I knew nothing about what I was getting into, but I wanted to be prepared.

For some reason, all of the clothes were steampunk themed. Goggles, leather corsets, top hats, everything.

"Um, robot, why is everything steampunk?" I asked.

"The creator was very fond of the idea of Steampunk, so the entire planet is Steampunk style," it replied.

"Okay..." I said.

I eventually found some decent clothes (plus armor).

"What now?" I asked.

"Now, weapons," it said.

"Why would I need weapons?" I asked.

"Rumor is, that somewhere on the planet Astrade, the Creators Journal is hidden. It 'hides all the secrets of Astrade' apparently. Many people are after it, and willing to kill. "

"Speaking of people, who all is on here?" I asked.

"There are 97.5 % 15 year olds, and the others are 16." It said.

"And they're all willing to kill for this journal?" I asked.

"Yes. There have been 1637 deaths so far." It said.

"And how long have people been here? " I asked.

"72 days."

"1637 deaths in 72 days..." I whispered to myself.


I ended up getting 2 twin daggers, easily concealed. My backup weapon were throwing knives, which I figured I knew how to use.

"Are you ready to enter Astrade? I will be leaving you, and you can not return. Astrade will be your new earth."

"Ready as I'll ever be." I whispered.

And then the door in front of me swung open.

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