Of Fallout and Knowledge

When the earth was destroyed, the Astrade Project workers were ready. They had constructed for one million children to be sent to the planet Astrade, to try to restart life.
Alecia is one of these children. She had no childhood, no embarrassing preteen years, no knowledge of what she's getting into.
She soon meets the dashing Caiden. He's more than determined to find out where the mysterious Journal is, and he drags Alecia into his plan.

Read to find out what happens!


2. The First One

Caiden's pov

"Hey, c'mon. You know you love me," I joked to her. She rolled her eyes and laid on the dingy couch. "Baby, c'mon. It was just one night..." I said.

"You know, I thought that you would actually be a faithful boyfriend. And one night could be the difference between you being a father or not. I know the typical excuse, 'But our point in living is to breed,' but that's stupid. This whole place is stupid! We can't even have a home!" She snapped at me.

Now I was pissed. "Look, I get it. You're sick of it. You've only been here 3 days, you have no idea what it's been like for me. This is my 73rd day, I was the first one! So shut up about it and DEAL WITH IT!" I screamed.

"I'm leaving. Forever. Goodbye, Caiden. Good luck with you're piss-off life," she replied as she got up, grabbed her bag, and left.

"What a bitch..." I muttered as I sat down on the bed, running my hands through my chin-length , golden hair.

I heard the bell chime, signaling the high noon.

Crap, I had promised myself that I would go and check out the new person that comes today.

Every single day, someone new comes. Most of the time almost 100 people come from different points in the world. There was one very near my house, so I usually went out once a day to see who it was.

I sighed and got up, grabbing my sword in one hand , and bow and quiver in the other. I tied the sword to my waist and walked out into the world.

You always had to be careful from being ambushed. You had to remember that some kids were just as willing to kill as you were.

I sidestepped out of my house and climbed up the brass ladder up to the roof of my house.

I was able to see the doors from here, and I could tell they were about to open.

The poor kid behind those doors didn't know what was about to hit them.

Alright, I'll admit, I was kinda planning on killing the person, whoever it was. Less competition for me, right?

I'll also admit that I was a bit sexist when it came to killing someone on the spot. If it was a girl, there was a slightly smaller chance of me killing them than a man.

Honestly, though, it wasn't that much of a difference. I just knew that I had to find that journal.

I saw the doors steaming a bit, preparing to open.

The person behind them didn't know what was coming.

I had made it to a building right next to the doors right as they swung open. I notched my now and waited.

It was obviously a girl. She was dressed in a red velvet corset with gold and red laces with lots of belts and other trinkets.

I pulled back my arrow, but then she turned around.

I don't know what happened, but I felt almost a gravitational pull towards her. She was pretty, yes, but not exquisite. I didn't know what I felt, but I needed to talk to her.

As soon as my shoes hit the ground, she spun around and raised her sword(s).

"Who are you?" She said dangerously. I bit my lip.

"I'm Caiden. Welcome to Astrade," I said.

"You didn't come just to 'welcome' me, did you?" She asked, raising her sword more.

"No, but it's better if you didn't know."

"Yeah well, thanks. Good bye, have a nice day," she said sarcastically and began to walk away slowly.

"You won't survive a day on your own," I said.

"I have a knack for proving people wrong," she remarked.

"You don't even know who you are!" I said louder.

"Exactly. You're the first human I've ever had experience with, and it hasn't been pleasant!" She retorted.

"Be glad it wasn't a Guard." I said.

"A what?"

"A guard, deaf woman. " I said.

"I am not deaf!" She said much too loudly.

"Shh!" I whispered.

"What? Afraid I'll wake up some monsters?!" She screamed. I heard the faintest footsteps, and I knew we were screwed.

"Shut the hell up woman. The guards have heard you and they'll kill you if they find you!" I whisper-screamed. "Now follow me if you want to survive. "

"If you're going to kill me-"

"If I were going to kill you, I would have done so on top of that building with my bow in hand! Come ON!"

And then the guards appeared.

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