About a girl who does not know whom to decide over 4 guys who are friends and one that's from her church and is older than the other 3 guys.


5. confession No. 4

My last one,

Is someone for which I have known for 7 years,

And for some reason my faith for him can never escape as much as I try to run away from it.


I know his whole family,

I feel as if we are in a relationship sometimes,

I become sad sometimes at night.


Though as if my thoughts are overwhelmed with the past of our memories,

Always put in the friend zone.


Its been 7 years and I am so stressed and tired over it.

My life for some reason can't live without him.



He is the only one whom mom allows me to go out with,

I am very trust worthy with his mother for some reason,

His friends can't stay with him alone,

But with me she can leave the house with him and me and nothing goes wrong.

We never had pulled anything,

We have been alone in the house in his room more than 4 times,

And nothing has really happened,

And the chances we have had and the only thing we have done is fall asleep while watching a movie in his bed.

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