About a girl who does not know whom to decide over 4 guys who are friends and one that's from her church and is older than the other 3 guys.


3. confession No. 2

The second guy is Jamaican,

He is my age,

He makes me feel like I have found love,

but as if it was illusion by emotions or hormones.


His ways to try to sweet talk me works.


He says "I'm pretty,"

Its a bit hard to believe a Jamaican like him says that  to a plain girl like me.


He would tell me he isn't dating any girls because he won't date unfaithful girl.


Sounds sweet but I feel like he's just saying it to get my attention,

He's a big temptation.


He's a serious guy which I like,

but I say I don't like him.


And when it comes to his pictures,

And seeing him with another girl,

I for some reason get mad and jealous I deny it but he knows me too well now.


Can't hide it even in text.

I hate that I love him,

And I hate that I need him.

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