Boxer||Harry Styles||

He was very intimidating, yet attractive, he was scary, but yet loving.
He loved me like no one has ever loved me before.
He's not something your parents would approve of. But me,
He's something I would approve of.

*Warning! Contains adult content


1. chapter 1

As I took people's orders at the cash register, I noticed a rather large male appear in front of me.

"Looking good babe" The mysterious male said looking at lips. I was a little frightened.

"I'm sorry. I'm not here to flirt. I'm here to do my job. So why don't you give me your stuff so I can ring it up?" I said rolling my eyes at this male.

"Can I get that number of yours?" The male said and I rolled my eyes once more. "You know what. Just leave me alone." I said furious. "Come per my house and we can do some things" the man said provoking me.

"I believe the girl said leave her alone. Do she need to make herself clear?" This boy with curly hair and nice green eyes said.

It looks like this man is rather afraid of this curly hair'd boy. "Um, n-no Mr.styles. I'll leave." The man said rushing outside and running away.

To be honest, I was a little afraid of tho guy. He looks intimidating. "I'm sorry, what's your name love?" The curly boy asked me.


"Nice to meet you. I'm Harry."

The boy said and I was blushing because he started to smile. His dimples sent shivers down my spine. He was just gorgeous.

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