We Got Work to Do (Levi x reader)


5. Chapter 5: Do You Feel Awkward

Levi’s POV *week later*

I couldn’t stop think about _____ and when she will start to work. The thought of ____ coming to work is too much to think of. Her beautiful (L/H) (C/H) hair, that smile she has, and her big round (C/E) eyes are breath taking. No wait everything about is breath talking. I went to Erwin’s office to get more paper work.

“So Levi are you waiting for ____ to come and work for you or just so you can kiss her and hold her in your arms?” Erwin gave me a lust look on his face because was acting like me when I get to see her again.

“Erwin I know you’re my Boss and my friend, but I can beat you up you know that right.” Erwin just walks up to me and hands me the paper work.

“See Levi girls wouldn’t like you if you are always like that. I just wanted to know if you were thinking of her when you were working that’s all.” In the moment that Erwin said that ____ walked right in the office.

“Oh am sorry for coming in like this, but I was wandering if I can talk with you Levi?” why does ____ want to talk to me? Is it about what happened last week? Is she mad at me, wait she looks clam.

“Ok then just wait in my office ____.” ____ turns around and leaves the room.

“Hey Levi did you do something to ____ because she looks hurt or something. Oh well just go talk to her.” Erwin patted my back and pushed me out of his office. I was scared to talk to ____, but I shouldn’t be because I didn’t do anything to ____ or did I. will I guess am going to find out soon right.

In front of my office now just standing in front of the door when I hear ____ was singing in my office. I was surprised on how beautiful her voice was. I think she was singing (The Only Exception by Paramore). I open the slowly and walked up behind ____.

“Oh Sir Levi I didn’t see you. How all were you there?” ____ looked very nerves.

“Oh not at all, why you ask ____?”

“Well because I was singing and I don’t think that I sound good.”*looks away from Levi*

“Oh you are fine ____. So what did you need to talked ____?”

Your POV

“Will I was hoping if you would let me stay with you for a week?” Levi looked at me confused and walked to his chair.

“Why do you what to stay with me ____?” I can feel my tears wanting to come down my face. I know that I shouldn’t be asking my new boss if I can stay with him like this.

"Will my boyfriend was mad at me because he found out I was sleeping at someones place and he didn't like that. So he said that I can't come back in a week." My tears fell one by one on to my hands. I hope levi would understand.

"Will I don't know ____. Maybe I can, but I would need to buy a air bed for you then. And there would be so rules in the house too." Levi looked a excited. I'm so happy that I can stay with him at least till my boyfriend calms down.

"thanks you Levi!!!" I look at him right in his silver eyes.

"oh ok then ____ now get back to work!" As soon as he said that I got up fast and went to work.

*after work*

Me and levi went to the store and got me a air bed hahaha.

"____ don't you think it's a bad idea to stay with me?"

" why you say that levi?"

"Will I don't want your boyfriend to get more mad at you for staying at my place."

"Oh it's alright. He thinks that I'm at my moms place. So we will be ok. "

Levi's P.O.V

____ is making this hard for me already. I need to think of something quick so I don't do nothing stupid around her.

"So since you are going to stay at my place. let's get to know each other better. What do you say ____?"

"Oh ok levi lets do that then but I'm so tired maybe in the morning ok."

" yeah ok I will help you with your air bed ok."

*a hour later*

"All done. Now you can going to bed ____. Good night."

"Ok good night levi!"

*turns off lights*

(Sorry if this chapter sucked be I have writers block so I did my best. Please leave comments and if you like it tell me! LUCHIA905 OUT!!!!!)

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