We Got Work to Do (Levi x reader)


4. chapter 4: I didn't know

Your P.O.V

I felt so warm and something strong around my waist. My eye's were to heavy to open but I had to know who was holding me. I slowly opened one of my eye's and saw dark raven hair and though in my head that it wasn't my boyfriend. As soon as I opened my other eye I kicked him off the bed.

"WHAT THE HELL WHO ARE YOU AND WHAT ARE YOU DOING IN MY HOUSE!!!!!!!!" I got off the bed to see the man right but noticed that the room I was in wasn't my room.

"Oi why you push me off the bed ____? I didn't do anything to you ok!!!!!" The man got up and it turned out to be my boss Levi. So he was the one in the bed?!

"where am I?" Levi glared a me and looked away and started to pick up the blankets off the floor.

"Where do you think you stupid brat! Where at my home of course." I looked at Levi and sat on the bed to thing of what happened yesterday. the only thing I can reminder was that I was sleepy and that's it.

"How did I get here in the first place Levi?"

"Well I was giving you a massage and you fall asleep. I tried everything to wake you up and you didn't move at all. So I was thinking that you can stay at my place and you can just leave in the morning."

"But why were you in the bed with me?" I stepped away from Levi as he tried to get close to me with every step he took I went back more till I hit against the wall.

"____ don't think I did anything to you I was just trying to help you ok. I just put you in my bed and I was going to walk away to the couch but you grabbed me and pulled me in a hug. I tried to get out of your grasp but you held me close to you. But I heard you crying and so I just stayed where I was and hugged you back you calm you down." When he was telling me that I can see that he wasn't lying to me. He looked at me with his silver blue eyes and then walked away to the door.

"Well I should go, I guess my boyfriend is waiting for me a home. Thank you Levi for letting me stay here.

Levi's P.O.V

"Oh yeah so should get going I got work to do so go now." I looked at her grab her shoes and walk out the door hearing the door shut. I was stand in the bathroom and thinking that I was stupid to think that ____ wouldn't have a boyfriend. Of course she would have a boyfriend and plus look at her she is to beautiful for a old men like me. Yeah I know she is only 25 but am 36 years old. I bet that she has a great boyfriend and me here standing in the middle of the bathroom with no one to share it with. Oh will its fine I can find another girl right?

*At the office*

"Oi Levi how was ____ , is she ok, did she get sick or something like that?" Erwin came up to me and padded me on the back. I just looked away and didn't respond to him.

"Oh I see so you like ____ don't you Levi?" Like that I was mad and turned and gave him a death glare.

"No I don't like her! She is just a helper and that's all Erwin!" I turn and again going back to work and wanting Erwin to leave me alone.

"Come on Levi I know you like ____ I can see it in your eyes and by the way you are working today too. Why you just ask ____ on a date with you it would be great to get to know each other more right?" Erwin padded my back again and looked at my work. He was right about my work. It looked like a 3 grader that was writing about his mother for mother's day.

"You think it's that easy to just ask her out on a date like that. I don't even think that she would want to do that at all. By the way ____ already has a boyfriend so why bother right. She wouldn't like me anyway." Erwin just nodded and looked away from me and started to laugh.

"HAHAHA oh Levi come on your last girlfriend had a boyfriend too and that didn't stop you, did it? I know that you can get her somehow, but I know you will." Like that Erwin left the room and I tried to finish my work without thinking about my ex.

Am too old, am too boring, am a clean freak, and am too mean to have ____ in my arms again like last night. To think that I Levi would ever like someone like this again is funny to hear that. But I know that no one will ever love me like Pertra did. I think that I should just give up on love and never love again just so I wouldn't hurt anyone anymore.

(Heyyyyy guys sorry I know that my story stared out to fast but you don't know what am planning on this so just calm down ok. Please leave comments and tell me if you want more. Luchia905 OUT!!!!!!!!!!!)

(P.S. I don't know if I should post me (Yandere Levi x reader) so tell me if you would like to read that please!!!!)

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