We Got Work to Do (Levi x reader)


3. Chapter 3: The Warmth of Her Arms

Your P.O.V

We are finally finished cleaning the lunch room and I was very happy on how clean it was. Levi was sitting in one of the chairs in the other side of the room. He then looked at me and motioned me to sit next to him. Of course I will sit with him since he is my new boss now and I will have to get to know him sooner are later right.

"So ____ I want to talk about your job as my helper around my office and help me in other needs that I have and my group has ok ____." His little eyes looked at me and gave me the chills all over my body. Levi hands me the paper work to sign the work. While I was doing that he was looking at me weird. I was done with signing the papers and was going to give it to Levi. I didn't see that he already took the pagers from me.

"So when will I start working here then?" Levi got up and walked to the door and looked around and closed it with the lock

"Uh Sir Levi when will I start working then?" Levi gets up and walks to the door and looks out then closes the door with the lock. Levi slowly walked to the table where I was sitting and sat on top of the table.

"____ I want you to know if I start to get very touchy with you, just stay away from the other guys ok. I want you to really understand that ok ____" I didn't noticed that Levi was so close to my face at the time. I got so scared that I jumped out of the chair that I was sitting on.

"Yes I understand Levi, but why you want me to know this?" I was still on the floor when I asked this. Levi sat next to me on the floor and patted me on the back. Then I notice that his hand was going up and down on my back making me feel relaxed. Levi goes up and sat in the back of me and started I give me a massage on my back.

"It looks like you were stressed out today huh. Maybe because you live far away right?" I tried to answer the question he gave me but I was feeling so good on my back.

"Levi you should stop doing that."

"Why is that ____ don't you like it?" his hands were too good at massaging me that I started to fall asleep.

"Levi stop....I started to....fall asle...." Like that I fall asleep in his arms without knowing it.

Levi's P.O.V

I know I should have stopped but I was enjoying the way her back feels like. She had a nice soft back I know that because I pick up her shirt a little ok. I don't know but I love how the women's necks look like so beautiful that I just want to kiss it and bit it too.

"____ you didn't really fall asleep on me did you?" I move her a little to see that she is asleep and it was already late and ____ looked like she was never going to wake up if I tried to wake her. I guess I will take her to me place instead. It's going to going to be weird when she wakes up in the morning.

*skip time in Levi's house*

Man she is light! I never thought she would be that light but now the problem is where she is going to sleep? I looked at the couch and it looked too hard to sleep on so I will put her in my bed and I will sleep on the couch tonight.

I walk in to my room and place ____ on the bed and cover her with the blankets on her. I couldn't help it that she looks so cute when she was sleeping.

"Oh I should go to sleep too. It's getting late and I got work tomorrow." I was going to walk away when ____ grabbed my hand and pulled me in her arms. I wanted to get out of her arms but I started to hear her cry softly in my ear. At that moment I couldn't let her cry like this so I turned around and hugged her and she hugged back so I fall asleep in her warmth.

(hey guys sorry that levi sounds of off it but i wanted him to be soft with you ok. so please leave a comment and tell me if you want more!!!! Luchia905 Out!!!!!)

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