We Got Work to Do (Levi x reader)


2. chapter 2: The Mess

Levi's P.O.V

Why does Erwin pick me to show this shity girl around the building? Why can't that Jaeger guy take her instead? I look at her and she was smiling at me and I felt nice when she did but there is no time for this. So I take the pages that Erwin was giving me about what's her face so I can see where she will be working at. I look at the pages and see that she will be working in my group," Shit!" I look back and she looked scared. Of course who wouldn't be scared of me after all?

"Ahhh my name is Levi and I am your new boss. I am looking forward working with you ____ ____." I said trying to sound happy but it came out wrong.

"Thank you Levi. I feel batter in this job." She said as she smiled big and blush came all over her face. I hate it when new girls get like this it makes me sick to see them try to get to me it's pathetic. Then we turned to the lunch room and I was surprised in what happened when we walked right in. it was a mess in the room like a tornado just hit the room. Food rappers where all over the place, dirty cups, and the refrigerator was open too.

"I wouldn't be able to work until this room is clean so can you help me Levi?" ____ looked at me and grabbed my hand. Wow ____ is really interacting, maybe I am falling for her?

Your P.O.V

Levi and I started to clean the lunch room and I have noticed that he know how to clean. I never meet a guy that can clean so will in my life. He is kind of scary but he looks cute when he is cleaning. I bet he loves to clean or something like that. I was trying to clean my side of the of the room and I see a big bag of coffee beans.

"Oi Levi what you want me to do with the bag of coffee beans over here?"I looked at him and he looked so focused on cleaning to table so I just pick up the bag.

"Oi ____ what do you think you are doing that's to heavy for a lady like you give me that!" he came up to me and grabbed the bag from my hands and we touched hands. I then looked away and I felt my face really hot for a moment. Then I turned around and saw Levi put the bag in a shelf close to the coffee maker.

"Well now we are doing cleaning so let's talking about you working here ok. And if you choose to leave that's you problem got that." I think I may stay for a while to see how it will go and I want to get to know Levi more then ever. Ah wish me luck in this new job then.

(hey guys thanks for reading and please leave a commet and if you want more just tell me and i will write more. Luchia905 out!!!)

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