We Got Work to Do (Levi x reader)


1. chapter 1: My New Boss

I have started a new job at a new office because I got mad at the people that worked there at my last job. I walked in to see the front desk and saw a lady with a ponytail and glasses on. She was on the phone talking about her new research. Then she saw me and hanged up the phone fast without saying good bye to the person that she was talking to.

“Well hello you must be ____ ____ right?” she said as she got up from her chair to see me right. She then grabbed her glasses and started to clean them with her shirt that was really dirty from the top. I think it’s from her lunch since its pasted lunch time I only come here to see if I wanted to work here or not.

“Yes I am ____ ____ I am here to see your boss is he around?” I looked at her and she looked so happy then she grabbed my hand and walked me to the elevator.

“Mr. Smith is on the third floor and his office is the forth door to the left. Oh and my name is Zoë Hange and you should be careful Mr. Smith hates people that don’t take the job serous ok ____.” I looked back at her and thanked her for her advice and the doors closed. I took me a while to find my way through the hall but I found it. I then knock on the door and I heard a deep voiced man call me to come in. I saw a big man with weird eyebrows and he was standing next to a small man that looked really mad at me for some reason.

“Oh you must be ____ ____ I was waiting for you. Come right in my dear and take a sit.”

The big man showed me to sit in front of his decks and I sat down. When I was doing that the man was trying to finish up with the little man that kept looking at me then he left.

“Oh ____ ____ I heard that you hated your old job why you hated it my dear?” Mr. Smith asked me as he sat down on his chair and then fixed his hair that looked like a wig.

“Well the people that I worked with where always late for work and I would have to do all the work for them and they would take the credit from me.” I said sadly trying not to show my tears that want to come out.

“Mmm will that was very bad, will Miss. ____ I would love it if you start working for us. I will give you a day to choose if you want to work here ____.” He said with a big smile on his face and got up to show me around.

“Levi please show ____ around the building and show her where she would be working at.” Mr. Smith said and then Levi came up to me and looked at me with his cold eyes.

“Come with me ____.”Levi said with a cold look that turned to a normal look. Will this, will be exciting!

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