Jordan Scarbrough & Kaitlyn Hensel were 2 average girls. Untill one morning they wake up as Selena Gomez and Ariana Grande.


6. Telling Harry

**The Next day**


           **Harry's P.O.V**

I woke up and showered. I slipped on a plaid shirt, jeans and tennis shoes. I got a text from Ariana♡ 

hey. We need to talk.

Okay what is it Ari?

uhhh.... Harry.


im dating Zayn.

Oh thats great i said.

dont be upset.

Im not, Im fine(:

**Ariana/Kaitlyn's P.O.V**

He didn't care. I cried into my hands. Wait I have Zayn. I opened my phone and texted Zayn<3

hey zayn<3

hey babe<3

Whats up? (:

Missing you.  :'(

well get off your lazy butt and come over! (:

okay be there soon. (;

I slipped on a green flowy shirt, shorts and Sperry's. I heard a knock at the door, I opened it. It was Harry? He shut the door. And he pushed me agianst the wall. "You choose him over me?" He asked flirty. "I guess." I said and bit my lip. He crashed his lips onto mine. I kissed back. What was I doing? I liked him, bu I was with Zayn. "Stop." I said. I oushed him off me. I saw Zayn through the window. He stood their, he eyes was filling with tears. I ran to him, "it's not what you think." I said. "Sure. Im not mad but do you have feeligs for him?" Zayn asked. "I like you Zayn." I said telling half the truth. "No tell the truth. You kissed him back." Zayn said. "I do, I guess. But I like you to." I said. Which it was true. "I know but ur heart wants him more. And if your happy thats all I want for you." He said, holding back tears. "You sure?" I asked. "Yes." He said. He left I went inside and slammed the door shut. I sat in the corner and cried into my knees. Someone put their hand onto my back. It was Harrys I could tell. "Go away." I demanded with sass. "You know you love me and you don't want me to go." He said. He put his hand on my waist. He pulled me up and spun me so I faced him. I out my face in his chest. He kissed my head, "so. You want to be my girl-" I cut him off "yes." I said and I kissed his lips. "Dang feisty." He said on my lips then he kept kissing me. I smiled on my lips.




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