Jordan Scarbrough & Kaitlyn Hensel were 2 average girls. Untill one morning they wake up as Selena Gomez and Ariana Grande.


12. Strange caller

**Selena`s/Jordan`s P.O.V**

After the call with Niall ended, someone else was calling me. Familiar number but i couldn`t think of who it would be. So i answered,


"Hi is this Selena?"


"This is Selena, The real one."


"Why are you in my body?"

"Don`t ask me. I woke up one morning like this."

"So im guessing this is Jordan."


"So ho we going to switch back?"

"I have no clue. Iv`e been wondering that myself."

"Well we need to figure out something because I don`t like your little brother. And I miss my career."

"Yeah I miss my family."

"Soo..... you have any clue how we can switch back?"

"Uhhh nope. But have you met a girl name Kaitlyn?"

"Yep., why?"

"That`s Ariana Grande."


"Yeah Kaitlyn switched body`s with her, just like we did."

"Oh god, this is a big mess."

"Well ask to stay with "Kaitlyn" one night and we will skype and figure things out."

"Alright. I`ll talk to you later."


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