Jordan Scarbrough & Kaitlyn Hensel were 2 average girls. Untill one morning they wake up as Selena Gomez and Ariana Grande.


5. Really?

**Kaitlyn/Ariana's P.O.V**

I woke up and showered. I got out and I wore my hair down. I heard my phone go off. I looked at it, New Text From: Zayn(: i opened it. 

Hey, i was wondering if you wanted to hang today? But if you alreay have plans with Harry its fine :(

nope im free. Plus Harry is doing somethin today and your way cooler! (:

haha. Cool, you come here in 5? 


Its only Niall and i here.

okay, what about Selena?

oh Niall is going to leave now to go on a date with her. So it will be just us. Is that okay?

yeah, perfect.  I get to know u better.

okay see ya.

I slipped on a green hoodie, skinny jeans & green sparkly vans. I grabbed my keys and drove there. I knocked, I saw a flash. I turned around, they were taking videos, & pictures. "Now Zayn and I are just friends. Please don't say were dating."I said to them. Then Zayn opened the door and I walked in. I sat on the couch. "Hey." He said while sitting down beside me. "Hey. So what are we doing today?" I asked. "I just want to get to know you better." He said.  "okay." I said and he smiled. "Wanna play 20 questions?" He asked. "Sure." I said.

"Favorite color?" He asked. 

"Blue." I said

**20 minutes later**

I learned a lot about him. We were outside now, we were taking a walk. And it started raining. "Oh here let me give you my jacket. Since you left yours at my house." He said. He put it on me, he started into my eyes, and kissed me. I kissed back. We walked back to the house holding hands. How was I suppose to tell Harry that I was dating Zayn. I mean I liked Harry to. Oh well. I have Zayn.


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