Jordan Scarbrough & Kaitlyn Hensel were 2 average girls. Untill one morning they wake up as Selena Gomez and Ariana Grande.


9. Missing Harry and Selena

**The next day**

I woke up on the tour bus. I showered and slipped on a white dress and white flats. I got off the bus. I went out and performed. I singed some autographs, I kept thinking of Harry. I wonder how long I was goig to be like this. 

**2 months later**

I was on my home. And Harry was to. We were meeting at Jordan/Selena's house. I parked and ran inside and hugged Selena. "I missed you." I said. Then her eyes went big. I turned around and they were in the door way. I ran up and jumped onto Harry. I laughed and he kissed my cheek. "What do I not get a hug?" Louis asked. I hugged him and the other boys.

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