Jordan Scarbrough & Kaitlyn Hensel were 2 average girls. Untill one morning they wake up as Selena Gomez and Ariana Grande.


4. Date

**Selena/Jordan's P.O.V**

We had fun at the carnival for like 5 hours, and on the Carousel we bumped hands. And he put hi sarm around me. But we're aren't a thing yet. We went back to his place and he lives with the boys. And Ariana/Kaitlyn happened to be there. They were wathing a movie and they were cuddling on the couch. "They a thing yet?" I whispered to Louis. "Nope just friends, and it's a scary movie that's why shes cuddling him."  he said. "You know her andi use to watch scary movies all the time, shes not scared of them. She's just doing that to cuddle him." I say to him. And he laughs. Niall drags me to the kitchen and I sit on the counter while he cooks. I grab some ketchup out of the fridge and come up behind him and put it in his hair. "You didn't just do that?" He kinda screams. "Yes I did." I said. And I run away. I hid behind Louis. "Im goig to get you. He says playfully."no you won't! Lou protect me!" I say laughing. And Lou just walks away. Niall grabs me and throws me over his shoulder. "Let me down." I say. "Never." He says. He sits me on the couner, he stares at me. He leans in, I lean in. Then he pulls out real quick hen throws ketchup at me. I jump on his back and put some in his face. He does in back. He sits me back down on the counter. "Time to clean." I say. He comes uo and wipes my face. Then we make eye contact and he kisses my lips, and I kiss back. I hear clapping. I turn around and everyone was wathing. They must have seen that whole thing. I blush. Louis laughs. 

*1 hour later**

"Well we better get going." I say. Ariana/Kaitlyn and I go to the door way. "Bye Hazzakins." Ariana/Kaitlyn says to Harry while she hugs him. I hug Niall "Bye Best Friend." I say to Niall. Ariana and I walk out the door. And I drop her off at her house, then i go home. And I shower and then get in my pj's and go to bed.


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