Chosen.. No stolen love

Austin MAHONE and Justin Bieber


1. The start

This  isn't your classic fairy tale I don't love tyler stunsh I was chosen or should I say bought by austin mahone, I knew my mother didn't love me but that doesn't mean she needs to sell me but I don't have a choice but I love his best friend no not robert, definitely not austin,  close if you were going to guess alex but no, so who is left that's right I love Zach Dorsey but I can't be with him because I am getting married to Tyler. Eeeeeeeeewwwwwwwhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!



I should start from the beginning my name is Kiara I'm a pretty normal looking girl, almost I have purple eyes that's why a lot of people don't like me because I look weird but what ever. So my mom  didn't always hate me not until my dad died from cancer then she started drinking and here I am sitting in a sad little room only god knows where being bought for someone because he is lonely, but that doesn't mean you go and buy someone so she can't run away you would go and look for love not steal it or buy it to own like some stupid car I'm no inanimate object ok I'm a human being who has rights but not anymore then I was interrupted by some guy I'm guessing austin and Tyler with the guy who bought me from my mom to sell me to them,"she is a lot younger that the paper said, how old are you" but I didn't respond "answer him now before I beat you  in front of them" the guy who is selling me while raising his hand but still no answer so he kept his word and beat  me "now answer"," I'm 13","oh my god tyler is lucky" the other two boys said "so one of you isn't tyler"I asked kindly "nope" I'm austin and that's alex"," oh","we should get going get your stuf.. Never mind  but let's go" austin commanded but I didn't move so alex and Austin picked me up and brought me to the door I wasn't pay attention to anything until I heard alex whisper,"if you act like that with tyler he will beat worse then that other gu.." But he was interrupted by Austin saying,"shut up if she acts like that she needs to be taught a less....." 

Then I interrupted him "I know" then austin
 and Alex put me I the back of the car and alex got in the front but austin got in the back with me oh no and he beat me hard, harder then the other guy and then threw cover up at me,"put it on now tyler can see you like that but don't talk back" and he went up front to drive I did what he said when I was done I looked up at alex and he looked really upset I wonder why. Now we are here but in the middle of no where"now are we going to have to carry you again you're not the lightest thing no food for awhile k?", "answer me now"." NO" I yelled back at him." What was that fat ass". Austin snapped "you heard me bitch" I said while he was laughing,"what's so funny dick face"." Oh ill just let tyler deal with you". Austin said as we walked inside he doesn't scare me, maybe, like a lot "Tyler resource A isn't working time for resource B",  austin yelled for someone."I'm not doing that to that poor girl and none of you can either" tyler said back coming down the stairs "Tyler you will do what I tell you got it". Austin yelled at him which I got more angry and yelled,"he doesn't have to listen to you so leave him alone". Austin grabbed me by the hair austin pulled me by my hair to a hall way with their rooms he pulled me into his room I think and tied me to the bed,"Kiara I told you not to talk back but you did so I'll deal with you later"he told with a smirk on his face about to leave the room until he turned around and saw me crying,"why are you crying"while I'm crying"well if you're not going to answer the question I'll just someone else to join us later I think alex and Robert wouldn't mind but not Zach nor tyler I know you like Zach I can tell and tyler would never so I'll get people who will" he said while opening the door,"Alex Robert get up here I need you help". I heard them run upstairs,"what's wrong austin" they said at the same time,"I need you guys to help me teach somebody the big lesson which one of you wants to help"," me pick me" Robert said jumping up and down "ok Robert and me will see you later wear this" throwing use undies and a braw at me that was all lace. One word eh. "But I can't","why not"," because I'm still tied up","ok so will dress you later  bye"and just like that I'm alone   

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