Life with the Creepypastas!

So this is what life is like for me (Dark Shadow) at the slender mansion with the other Creepypastas!


7. When we first met pt.2

Ben: "wait where is Sonic?"

Sonic EXE: "right here b*tches!! Who's the babe?"

Ben: "slenders sister."

sonic EXE: "Now that's a shocker!! But she has a face!!"

Ben: "she's adopted."

Sonic EXE: "oh."

dr.smiley: "who's adopted?"

Me: "I am."

Dr.Smiley: "Then What's your name?"

Me: "Dark Shadow."

Jeff: "why that?"

Me: "This is why *turns into shadow form*"

Darkness: "HOLY MOTHER F#CKING SH#T H#ES!! *jumps into bens arms* SAVE ME BEN!!"

Ben: "*drops dark link* Haha OMG it's just dark shadow"

Darkness: "You mean the girl that silvers know..."

Ben: "WAIT WHAT?!? *glares at silver* that son of a beach!"

Silver: "I-I w-wouldn't do that!"

Me: "*changes back* Don't think of it like that dark!"

Darkness: "silver you know you wanna."

Silver: "This isn't turning into one of those Dark shadow X Lost silver things!"

Darkness: "*struts away with one hand on his hip* yeah ok. It will be a sexy run way shoot! *flips hair* With me as the main model."

Ben: "I wish it was one of those 'shoot dark in the head with a gun' shows because if so I'm the host."

Darkness: "B*tch please! I'm way to sexy to be shot!"

Ben: " *cocks the rifle* Really? Lets see!"

Darkness: "*runs away* In your dream, b*tches!"


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