Life with the Creepypastas!

So this is what life is like for me (Dark Shadow) at the slender mansion with the other Creepypastas!


2. The morning.

Every morning me and my brother slender are usually the first people to wake up. I help my brother with breakfast. I try to hold in my laughter! You have no idea how funny it is to see him wearing a pink apron and flip pancakes. One time a pancake fell on his head! I nearly died of laughter. 

   Anyway after making breakfast with my bro, he usually makes me wake up the others.

Jeff is a pain to wake up. This is how it goes... 

Me: "Yo Jeff wake up dude!"

Jeff:"5 more minutes Liu!" *he is still half asleep*

me: "yo Jeff bro! Wake up!" *shaking him*

Jeff: "*eyes open* shut up or ill make you GO TO SLEEP!"

me:"Jeff, Slender made burritos!"

Jeff: *jumps up and runs out of the room* BURRITOS!! :D"

  second is Ben. 

Me: *opens door* "Yo BEN! WAKE UP!"

ben:"nah I'm going to go back to sleep now."

me:"Do you want me to get the water?"

Ben: *jumps in fear* "Please don't! See I'm awake its all good! No need for that liquid of death!"

Me:" Good now go stuff your face with food!"

Ben: *runs out of room*


Next is Eyeless jack 

me: "Jack! Wake up time bro!"

EJ: "did Slendy set out my kidneys?"

me : "yeah"

EJ: *running really fast* WOOHOO KIDNEYS!! :D"


Then Masky

me: "Hey Masky!  Hey Masky! 

Masky: "Please don't start. Toby does it all the time and if he does it anymore I'm going to have to kill him."

me:"then go eat cheesecake!"

Masky: "Wait we still have cheesecake? *epic superman pose* CHEESECAKE YOU SHALL BE MINE!!"

me: O.o umm ok then....



me: Hey Toby! My Man! My Bro! My Hoe!

Toby: did you just call me your hoe?

me: maybe......

Toby: please never do that again. *twitch*

me: ok your Waffels are ready!



Now Sally (she is the less stubborn one)

me: "Hey Sally, Time to wake up."

Sally : ok


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