Life with the Creepypastas!

So this is what life is like for me (Dark Shadow) at the slender mansion with the other Creepypastas!


4. The Afternoon

We usually go on a killing spree. Sometimes I go with the other CP's. This is how it goes


Me:"*putting up the 8 pages* wow so this is your method?"

Slender: "Yeah pretty cool right?"

Me: "Not Really I mean like what if they don't pick up your pages?"

Slender: "I'll kill them anyway."

Me: "Oh."

-5 Minutes Later-

Slender: "Look we got a victim!"

Me: "I think I know that person!"

Slender: "who?"

Me: "It's ..........PEWDIEPIE!!!!"

Slender: "well we can't kill him because he is way to funny."


~~~Jeff The Killer~~~

*climbing through the window*

Jeff: "There is our victim." *points to a 18 year ok boy*

Me: "Ha look at his teddy bear."


Victim: "Huh?" *points to me* "Hey Sexy."

Me: "Shut up"

victim: "come on you know you want it"

me:"Jeff make him 'go to sleep'."

Jeff: "GO TO SLEEP!"


~~~Eyeless Jack~~~

we climb through the window.

EJ: "over there. Stand there with this knife if anything goes wrong do your thing."

me: "Ok EJ"

Ej goes to the teenager and starts to cut into his body.Until the boy woke up.

Teen: "Huh! Get off me you Eyeless Freak!"

*the teen tackles EJ to the ground*

Teen: "Any last words you freak?!?"

EJ: *snickers*

teen: "why are you laughing?"


*epic bro fist*



Ben and Me went into Majoras Mask!! Ben walks around stalking Link. The player's reaction was priceless! The player started crying saying, "LEAVE ME ALONE!"

Then Link burst into flames. A Messgae pops up on the screen ... You've met with a terrible fate haven't you?  

The Player starts to freak out! Ben jumps through the players tv saying You Shouldn't Have Don't That! Then Ben kills him!

Me: "I think you made him wet his pants!" XD


now we were laughing nonstop!


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