Life with the Creepypastas!

So this is what life is like for me (Dark Shadow) at the slender mansion with the other Creepypastas!


5. The afternoon part 2

(Masky and Hoodie don't kill very much so I never really gone with them)

~~~Ticci Toby~~~

We seen a girl walking home.

Toby: "Let's kill her!"

Me: "yeah she is a easy kill."

I tackle her to the ground while Toby comes and slams his hatchet into her head.

Toby:" well tht was fun! Now let's go to IHOP!" :D

Me: "OKAY!!! :D. "

*skipping and singing "we're going to get Waffels! We're going to get Waffels!"*

~~~Lost Silver~~~

We play with pokemons instead of killing. We observed them because if Silver touches them they die, but sometimes he forgets.

Me:"aww look at JigglyPuff!"

Silver: "C-Come on L-Let's  go s-see him f-face to f-f-face!"

Me:" Are you sure?"

Silver: "yeah!" *touches JigglyPuff*


JigglyPuff falls over dead.

Silver: "I-I-I killed J-JigglyPuff! I-I Am S-s-such a J-j-jerk!

I-I-I d-don't deserve t-to live A-anymore."

Me: "Don't say that Silver! You are the best person ever! You just forgot!"

Silver lays his head on my shoulder and cries.





I don't have a room yet in the Mansion so I usually share with Toby.

Toby & Me: "Goodnight Guys!"

Jeff: "Bye Toby and see you later Shadow!"

Slender: "Goodnight Children and Toby don't try anything like last time."

BEN: "Night Ticci, Night Sexy."

Me: "what did you say?!?!"

BEN: "N-nothing!"

EJ:"Bye Toby and Bye BackUp!"

Hoodie: "GoodNight Noisy and Goodnight Noisy 2.0"

Masky:"Goodnight Dark. *kisses on cheek*"

Toby: *holds out arms* "what about me Masky"

Maksy: "I hope Jeff makes you Go To Sleep!"

Toby: "O.O well ok then."

Laughing Jack: "goodnight Guys!"

*we walk up stairs*

i get in my bed and he does too. 

Me: "What do you think your doing?"

Toby: "Sleeping with my Bae. ^.^"

Me: "Im not your Bae."

Toby: "Oh come on! You know you want it! HEY HEY HEY,HEY HEY HEY!"

*Pushes Toby off bed*

Me: "Goodnight Robin Thicke."

Toby: "Goodnight Miley Cyrus."

Me: "Im never going to twerk on you."

Toby: "That's what you say now but just you wait. ;)"

Me: "You are way more perverted than Offender!"

Toby:"Yup Goodnight Smexy"

Me: "Goodnight LumberJack"

Toby: "For the last time, IM NOT A LUMBERJACK!!"

Masky: *downstairs* "Yeah you are Toby!"

Toby: *facepalm*

Me: "HaHa!! XD!"


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