Life with the Creepypastas!

So this is what life is like for me (Dark Shadow) at the slender mansion with the other Creepypastas!


6. Flashback!! When we first met.

I had just killed my first person and I learned Slender Man was my brother. He brought me to the mansion where I met the others. 

Slender:"Children to the front room now! My sister is coming here now."

Jeff: "woh. Slender this is your sister? You're joking right? She is way to hot."

Me: "so brother this is the party animal Jeff?"

Jeff: "Yeah. So you know about me? Ha. You're off to a good start babe."

ben: "what do you want slenderp? Woh. Who's the babe? Oh slender you dog!!"

slender: "actually child, this is my sister."

Dark Link: "oh B*tch that had to hurt! Anyway *grabs my hand and kisses it* nice to meet you sexy."

Me: "O////O ummm n-n-nice to meet y-you too."

Laughing Jack: "Dark!! You are making her blush!!"

Me: "am not!!"

laughing Jack: "yeah I believe that."

Eyeless Jack: "hey! Quick question: can I have your kidneys?"

Me: "um no sorry but if you want you can have dark link's."

Darkness: "*gasp* betrayed by the babe!"

Liu/sully:"Ha better get use to it! Sully, that's not nice! oh Liu don't be such a woman!!"

Me: "is something wrong with him?"

Kage Kao: "nah don't mind him. He has a voice inside his head. Thank god it's not like Liu!"

Ticci Toby: "*tries to slide down stairs like a boss but fails....miserably* ouch, I hit my head! Anyway Jeff said there was a hot girl here!"

Ben : *points to me*

Ticci: "D*mn girl you be looking fine."

Me : "I have a name and thanks....idiot."

Masky: "Haha Toby you just got called a idiot! I'm not surprised!"

Hoodie : "Masky don't be so mean to Toby!"

Silver: "W-what's going o-on in here?"

Jeff: "New girl."

Silver: "w-wanna come p-p-play with m-my pikachu s-some t-time?"

Darkness: "OMG SILVER!! XD *rolls on floor laughing* DON'T BE SO NAUGHTY!"

Silver: "W-WHAT?!? NO!! N-NOT L-LIKE THAT!!"

Darkness: "HE'S LYING!"

Silver: "Will you?"

Me: "yeah."

Darkness: "haha and she agreed!! Looks like you're getting some tonight silver!"

Slender: "Don't be perverted child! Now go rake the leafs."

Darkness: "Dang it."

Sally: "Daddy, who's that? Did you get a new girlfriend?"

Slender: "actually no this is my sister."

Sally: "Like Trender?"

Slender: "Like always, Trender is not a girl."

Sally: "So Trender is gay?"

Slender: "NO! Sally where did you learn language like that?!?"

Sally: "From Jeffrey."

Jeff: "Im screwed aint I?"

Me: "Yeah better run."

Jeff:"You'll never catch me copper!!"

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