Change Me

Justin Bieber has been off to a rough start this year and is trying to change that around. He wants to be known for good things again, and wants to leave all the bad in the past, but its hard. He can't find a way to change peoples mind about them, and he can't seem to do the right thing. When he meets a girl named Mikenzie, can all of that change? Will she be the one to change him? Will she bring him back to the old Justin?


1. Smoking. Drinking. Kissing.

Justin's POV-

"I'm just goin out with some friends bro. chill!" I yelled to Scooted, who I was talking to on the phone.

"No, Justin, I will not chill, last time you said that you ended up all over the news for smoking pot!" Scooter yelled back at me.

"Whatever, I'm 20, you can't tell me what to do anymore." I said, and hung up without giving him a chance to speak.

I went and changed for my night out with Za and Twist and left for the club.


As soon as I got there Za and Twist ran up to me and handed me a joint, "What is it?" I asked.

"It's just some weed bro, c'mon, be cool." Za said.

"But.. I don't wanna disappoint my family, Beliebers, and God anymore." I said pushing it away.

"Well, just focus on that tomorrow, just do it for one more night." Twist said.

"If I get in trouble, I will hate you forever and you will burn in hell." I said, taking the joint, lighting it, and putting it in my mouth.

"Well isn't someone in a good mood." Za said sarcastically.

After awhile of smoking, I was obviously high as hell.

 I went over to the bar and got a couple beers and went and sat down. I started downing the beers and soon enough I was drunk. The first girl that caught my eye I went over and started hitting on her.
"Hey babe." I said gripping onto her waist on pulling her closer to me, "Your mine tonight." I said and started kissing her neck. She obviously knew who I was and was enjoying it. We danced and kissing the night away.


3:00 am


I decided to leave the club because I got bored of the girl. I went and got into my car and sped off down the street. I got home and passed out in my living room.



I woke up the next morning with a serious headache, and realized what I did last night."


"Oh my gosh... no... I didn't... no... I need to stop. I am done. I am done..." I said and began to pase around the living room. I got down on my knees and began praying, I prayed for a good 4 hours, sometimes crying, sometimes yelling, sometimes just being silent and letting God read my mind.


I need to change me, and I need help.



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