His // A punk Harry story

I used to have a normal life, all I did was Do a favor for my friend but that was only the start of it.

I'm not sure how the other girls are used to it, living under strict rules all the time but yet they act as if it was any normal day when The boys come home with guns in their hands and blood on their shirt.

I was Taken to live with this gang, everything was always dangerous and he was always so harsh when he would make me kiss him before leaving for "work". When I was little I wanted a husband that would love me and Look after me. Yet at night when he would pull me against his body in our bed and kiss me goodnight, I felt wanted and loved. maybe it wasn't ideal but living like this, living with a gang might just be my fairy tail.


2. Chapter two // taken

It's been two days sense my encounter with the strange man, I still had his jacket. I hadn't done anything, My skin was pale and I've felt sick. His words kept playing in my head over and over "I'll be seeing you around more babe" The day after, I was looking at his jacket that's what put me in a scare because on the right sleeve it had killers on it, the gang that had been getting powerful, the gang that you need to stay away from. I hadn't talked to Hannah, I hadn't talked to anyone. I haven't turned on the tv, I have been sitting in silence for two days now. I looked at the clock 11:30 it read. I mumbled to myself "Maybe he forgot about me... no don't be stupid" I was going at war with myself debating on if I should go out. I got up from my bed and changed into a mid thigh, long sleeved dress I looked cute in. I brushed out my wavy hair and sighed Finishing up my light make up for the day. I bit my lip and looked at the jacket "What If I see him... I can just give him the jacket and continue on with my day" I whispered even though I was alone. After Some time I slipped on some nude heels and took the leather jacket. 


I walked down the street in town, It was windy today and My long sleeves on my dress not being enough I put on the jacket. after that Everyone gave me weird and scared looks as if I was holding a gun to them. I was about to walk into a small cafe until I was pulled toward an alley. My screams were muffled with a hand over my mouth, I was held by the waist and faced toward the man who held me.  "miss me baby?" he whispered, It was him, The guy from before this time Though I could see his face, he was gorgeous and looked maybe a few years older. he had tattoos running up his arms and probably some on his chest. He smirked "I see you're wearing my jacket baby" I shook my head "I'm not your baby first off and here" I took it off and shoved it to him, hitting his chest. The man chuckled darkly "You are mine" He whispered and placed his hands on my bum, I moved around trying to get away from him but so far it was no use. I was trapped. I felt his hands travel up the skirt of my dress, my eyes widen and I started shouting "Get your hands off me perv" He glared at me, his eyes once green were now dark "You don't tell me what to do Bella" I shook my head "My name isn't Bella". "oh I know you're Annabelle Waters, 19, Just moved here from London. you live at 556 on holly road and your best friends name is Hannah" He said with a smirk on his face. I looked at him with my mouth open "h-how do you know that?" I asked. "oh Bella, I have my ways. now lets go home baby, I'm sure the rest are dying to meet you" With that He chuckled and lifted me up, covering my mouth with one hand. I kicked and screamed, hitting his back with my fists but nothing helped. I heard a car door open and I was placed in the passenger seat. His hands were holding me down to the seat, He smirked and pecked my cheek before A white rag was pulled out and suddenly everything Went black.


I woke up in a room, I had a massive head ache and I was changed out of my dress into a large shirt Over my bra and panties. then I remembered what happened, he kidnapped me. I got up and walked out of the room. I looked down the hall, no sign of Anyone yet. I carefully walked down the halls and I had gotten half way down the large stairs then one creaked. a girl about my age with brown hair looked up from the couch with a smile "Harry, Bella is up" she yelled. I cursed under my breathe and saw the curly headed man, he must be Harry. "baby finally you're up" He said walking to me. "first off My name isn't Bella, I'm not your baby and you Kidnapped me!" I yelled. Harry narrowed his eyes on me and gripped my arms tight enough to make me sequel. "let me tell you the rules here Bella, You do not talk to me like that you understand me! I will call you whatever the hell I want and I won't take you back. you're mine and always will be Get used to everything this is your life now" Tears rolled down my cheeks and I just nodded listing to him, I looked at the girl on the couch she looked like this was an everyday thing to her. After Harry let go of my arms He Kissed me forcefully and pushed me against him, making me kiss him back. I slopingly did and sighed as he pulled away with a smirk. "now head up to our room and get changed for the day, You can talk to Claire while I'm gone" He smiled and walked back down the stairs, gabbing a coat before walking out the door. I sighed knowing I can't leave not yet. I walked back up the stairs to the room I came from and opened the drawer, taking out a pair of jeans and a hoodie. I put them on and walked back downstairs to the couch sitting next to Claire.

I smiled softly and let out a breathe I didn't know I was holding in. "you know it's not that bad.. Living here. Neither is Harry... he's very nice once you know him" she said. I looked up and asked "Can you please explain everything...I am confused on why I'm here and what's happening?" I asked

after about an hour Of me and Claire talking, I understood most of it. Harry was the leader of the gang, then their was zayn who happened to be Claire's boyfriend, Niall, Liam and Louis. She told me that Harry had taken an interest to me that's why I'm here that's why I'm his..

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