His // A punk Harry story

I used to have a normal life, all I did was Do a favor for my friend but that was only the start of it.

I'm not sure how the other girls are used to it, living under strict rules all the time but yet they act as if it was any normal day when The boys come home with guns in their hands and blood on their shirt.

I was Taken to live with this gang, everything was always dangerous and he was always so harsh when he would make me kiss him before leaving for "work". When I was little I wanted a husband that would love me and Look after me. Yet at night when he would pull me against his body in our bed and kiss me goodnight, I felt wanted and loved. maybe it wasn't ideal but living like this, living with a gang might just be my fairy tail.


3. Chapter three // It's not that bad

A week has passed, I've met all the boys and even Claire's and Zayn's daughter Ali she was 6 and The cutest girl I've ever seen. I'm used To almost everything now I don't push Harry away when He try's to kiss me or correct anyone when they call me Bella. I was sitting on the couch when Claire and Ali walked in. I smiled and heard Ali say "Auntie Bella!" I got up off the couch and picked her up "Hi princess" I said giggling. she hugged me and smiled, I sat her back down and she ran off to go play. Claire sat next to me and smiled "So how have you been?" She asked, she reminded me so much of Hannah almost like a best friend


Hours after talking to Claire the boys had came home, I hadn't even seen Harry's face before he had said "Where's Bella" I put on a smile for him and kissed him softly "right here babe" my words came out almost as a whisper. he held me close to him and tilted my head up. I saw three other girls standing by each of the boys side. a blonde girl in the arms of Louis, A short girl with brown hair she almost looked like a girl version of Harry and lastly Liam and a black haired girl. "girls this is Bella my girlfriend" I smiled softly and sighed, hearing him say girlfriend because it wasn't 100% true. the girl that was in front of Niall, the one who looked like Harry giggled and wrapped me in a hug "Nice to meet you Bella, I'm jade Harry's younger sister" She said, I bit my lip and wrapped my arms around her. Niall spoke up "and my amazing girlfriend" I nodded and let go of jade. next the blonde put out her hand "I'm Cameron, girlfriend of Louis" she smiled, I kindly smiled back and shook her hand. lastly Liam's girlfriend hugged me "I'm ari" She said. After meeting the girls Harry whispered in my ear "where going out to dinner, get dressed in something....sexy like in that dress I bought you princess" He smirked and kissed my neck softly. "Be ready in 20" He said then patted my bum, I walked upstairs to our, well his room and shut the door. I sighed and did something I hadn't done in a week, I cried. I sat on the floor, tears running down my face. "Why me.. why did this have to happen?... I just don't understand." After 10 minutes of crying I stood up and wiped my eyes. I quickly got a fast shower just rising my body off not washing my hair. I dried off and started blow drying my hair. after my hair was curly and my make up was done so you couldn't see the redness around my eyes I got dressed in the Dress Harry had got me. It was black and came about mid thigh, shorter if I stood up straight. it was lace but with a tan covering under it until just above my belly button It just flared out, almost skirt like.

I put on a pair of heels and walked out of the room, heading down to Harry and the rest of the group. I smiled softly and saw Harry's eyes on me then Jade his sister nudged him and whispered something in his ear, he just nodded and smiled. he instantly put his arm around me "you look amazing Bell" He said before all of us walked out the door to the cars


me, Harry, Niall, Jade where all in one car with Harry driving and Me in the passenger. Niall and jade were in a conversation when I felt a large hand Rub my inner thigh. I looked up at him and raised an eyebrow "What do you think you're doing styles?" I asked, biting my lip. he smirked and chuckled "What do you expect when you dress so fucking hot" He said. I blushed and shook my head, looking out the window. All this time and Yet so far since the first day I haven't thought about leaving not once. I felt protected and I felt like I had a family. Me and Claire had became best friends and Harry surprising he had been growing on me.. he wasn't that bad like Claire had said. The boys were all nice and treated me well. A normal girl would do anything to get away from being near a gang but A part of me never wanted to leave them.

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