His // A punk Harry story

I used to have a normal life, all I did was Do a favor for my friend but that was only the start of it.

I'm not sure how the other girls are used to it, living under strict rules all the time but yet they act as if it was any normal day when The boys come home with guns in their hands and blood on their shirt.

I was Taken to live with this gang, everything was always dangerous and he was always so harsh when he would make me kiss him before leaving for "work". When I was little I wanted a husband that would love me and Look after me. Yet at night when he would pull me against his body in our bed and kiss me goodnight, I felt wanted and loved. maybe it wasn't ideal but living like this, living with a gang might just be my fairy tail.


1. Chapter one // Why me?

I woke up to almost a familiar room, moving to London from California is a big change. I sighed and got out of bed, brushing my dirty blonde hair out of my face. I yawned and looked at the time "10:30" I mumbled to myself "great only 45 minutes till Hannah comes over. way to go Annabelle". 

After about 30 I've taken my shower, softly curled my shoulder length hair and got changed into skinny jeans, a lilac tank top and a white over sided cardigan over. Even though it should be summer, London's cold weather wasn't making it feel like it. I walked downstairs into my kitchen and fixed a cup of tea, setting in down on the small coffee table In front of the couch I turned on the tv to the news. A mid aged women talked about the weather for the first 3 minutes until it switched over to a older guy, who was talking about some gang. "London and Everyone has come to known that the gang 'Killers' had been getting stronger. Although the police are on high guard, we advise everyone to not be outside alone" I sighed and mumbled to myself "great I move to London and I can't even be out late .. What if I want to have fun" I shook my head and heard a knock at my door, looking at the time I knew it was Hannah. "come In!" I shouted. "Heyy girly" she said, setting down her purse by the door and walking over to me and taking the seat next to me". "hey Han" I say smiling. "You know that I love you and you are my bestest friend ever, and you know I would do anything for you" Hannah said grinning a toothy smile. I sighed knowing she wanted something, Hannah always did this. When we were in 8th grade she used to live down the street from me and My mom. we have been friends forever it feels like. I smiled softly and raised my eyebrows together "What do you want?" I asked. she giggled "We'll This really really cute guy I met asked me to go to this party tonight but the problem is, Tony my asshole of a boss Was making me have to take a double shift at the shop..." I already could tell where this was going, I was going to have to be stuck working at a stupid store till closing hour. I really didn't want to but I knew How happy Hannah seemed to be about going out with this guy. so I agreed.


It was now 12:40 at night, I just got done working Hannah's shift. I really hope she had fun because I didn't. I was walking down the side walk it was already cold and I could feel some rain drops on my arms. I had changed into some different skinny jeans and Just a black V neck that Showed some cleavage. I sighed and looked around the street, empty. As It started to rain harder I looked for some place I could have some shelter from the rain. there was an alley way up ahead that had some part of a roof from the two buildings It was in between. I stood with my front side facing the street, Crossing my arms trying to keep in any heat I could. The rain seemed to get heavier and that's when I heard a small chuckle behind me. I bit my lip and closed my eyes as I felt a warm breathe against my neck. "what's a pretty girl like you doing out here all alone?" The voice said right in my ear. I stuttered out "J-just Waiting.. For the rain to pass.." I said softly, The man Placed his Arms around my waist and pulled my back against his hard chest, he started kissing my neck. I tried scrambling away but his grip just tightened around me. I moaned softly and shook my head as I felt his lips kiss my soft spot. Then he spoke again in a low voice "You must be cold darling" . a few moments later I felt warmth around me, he had gave me his leather jacket. I turned to face him, he was maybe 4 inches taller than me and All I could make out was his smirk and large curls. He lent down and whispered in my ear "I'll be seeing you around more babe" He chuckled then walked off into the darkness, I took the chance and bolted off running.

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