His // A punk Harry story

I used to have a normal life, all I did was Do a favor for my friend but that was only the start of it.

I'm not sure how the other girls are used to it, living under strict rules all the time but yet they act as if it was any normal day when The boys come home with guns in their hands and blood on their shirt.

I was Taken to live with this gang, everything was always dangerous and he was always so harsh when he would make me kiss him before leaving for "work". When I was little I wanted a husband that would love me and Look after me. Yet at night when he would pull me against his body in our bed and kiss me goodnight, I felt wanted and loved. maybe it wasn't ideal but living like this, living with a gang might just be my fairy tail.


4. Chapter four // were having a baby?

// thank you all for 20 reads, I went to bed last night with 3 and I just got back from school seeing 20 :) I was expecting it to maybe be at 5 wow. this is just a filler chapter so it'll be short But I will update a way longer chapter tonight :)  \\

I was lying in mine and Harry's bed, Pretending to sleep. I had my eyes closed listening to Harry talk to zayn outside our room. Everything was muffled but the thing that stuck in my head was "..Harry..you have to train her. she'll get hurt in a few days" I heard zayn say. "I know but I don't want her to get hurt if something went wrong..." Harry whispered but it sounded like a yell for how loud they were talking. zayn spoke again "You made the other girls fight even jade. Train Bella or She'll end up dead in a fight Harry" After that Harry came back into the room. I turned my back toward his side and felt the bed dip down with him getting in. he wrapped his arm around my waist and pulled my body close to his closely. He kissed my neck before mumbling something I couldn't hear but it sounded along the lines of "Don't ever leave me"


In the morning I walked downstairs seeing everyone sitting around and the boys in the kitchen, cooking breakfast. Ali was sitting on the floor coloring a picture, I smiled and walked into the kitchen grabbing a glass from the cabinet. soon I felt strong arms wrap around me and set me on the counter. I smiled and wrapped my arms around Harry's neck, pulling him closer. He leaned in, our lips not even a inch away from each other until I heard Ali's soft voice say "Uncle Harry! Look what I drew" He smiled and picked her up. she spoke again pointing to the drawing she had just finished "Look, It's you.." she said pointing to a stick figure with brown circles for his curly hair. "and auntie Bella!" she said smiling, pointing to the other figure. Harry chuckled and pointed to the smaller figure that was in between Me and Him on the paper "And is that you?" he asked. Ali giggled and shook her head "That's your baby silly" She looked at me and then back at Harry "When to people love each other they have babies and then later on the babies come down from the sky in a basket" She smiled and giggled, handing me the picture. Harry nodded and smiled "That's right" He said chuckling while setting her down. Ali ran off back to the paper and crayons. I smiled and blushed, looking back up at Harry. He smirked and leaned back in "Where were we?" he whispered. I lent in and shook my head, whispering back "You were about to finish cooking breakfast mister" I laughed and pecked his lips softly, getting up and grabbing the carton of milk.

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