His // A punk Harry story

I used to have a normal life, all I did was Do a favor for my friend but that was only the start of it.

I'm not sure how the other girls are used to it, living under strict rules all the time but yet they act as if it was any normal day when The boys come home with guns in their hands and blood on their shirt.

I was Taken to live with this gang, everything was always dangerous and he was always so harsh when he would make me kiss him before leaving for "work". When I was little I wanted a husband that would love me and Look after me. Yet at night when he would pull me against his body in our bed and kiss me goodnight, I felt wanted and loved. maybe it wasn't ideal but living like this, living with a gang might just be my fairy tail.


5. Chapter five // Leaving

Everything has been perfect, Harry was teaching me how to shoot a gun properly and zayn showed me how to fight. I've gotten good. Me, Claire and ari were sitting downstairs just talking. Cameron And jade were still asleep as well Ali. The boys were out at work, dealing with some troubles. It was about noon when Clarie got a call from zayn. when she answered she had a very worried look on her face. Her face had turned pale and she nodded, hanging up. "we need to pack, I'll get mine,Ali and zayns bags ready. Bella pack for you and Harry. Ari, pack for Liam and wake the other girls. I wasn't sure on what was happening but I knew it was bad.

my bag was packed as well As Harry's. We had already put the many bags in the two black range rovers. All the girls were sitting in the living room, waiting for our boys to return. Claire had said that the police found out where we were and Would be forcing their way in at night, but If we had left and moved they would have to start all over again and find us. I was sitting on the couch, my hands in my lap just thinking, not saying a single word when the boys Burt through the door. I, surprisingly was the first to get up. I ran to Harry's and hugged him tightly. I felt his arms wrap around me and his chest vibrate as he spoke "We need to find a new house, We checked our backup house and The police where all over the street." I listened to him speak, then it hit me I knew where we could go. "um..I know a place.. it's out of town. the only neighbors that are close live about 4 miles away, It's very closed off. it'll fit all of us..." I spoke softly, lifting my head up from Harry's chest. "my aunt and uncle used to live there but they.... Um died. We kept the house but My family never uses it...". Niall and Louis nodded In unison "Do you know how to get there?" Harry asked, looking down at me. "Sure..you just head east out of London from there you take a right about 10 miles out of town then a left about 40 miles after that and then you're there" I said, nodding and after that we were on our way.

Harry was driving the first car with me in the passenger seat, Liam, zayn, Cameron and Ali in the back. the rest of the gang were in the car behind us with Louis driving. 
We had barley made it out of London, I had guessed we'd be there at about 6pm. 
Finally, after what it felt like hours we were here. We were driving down the small road that led up to the house, I could see it in the distance. I haven't been up here in forever, so many good times were here and now more to come.

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