Say Something

What do you do when your best friend suddenly breaks all contact with you?


3. Chapter 2

 The door slammed closed after Julie. Her aunt's head popped around the door. 

 "Where were you?" her aunt, Cara, asked. When she got no answer, the fourty year old woman stepped in front of Julie, crossing her arms. "Where were you?" she demanded. 

 "With Liam. I already told you," Julie said before pushing past. When it was her and her mother, that would have been a good enough explination. Her aunt decided she need discipline and that was it.

 "Get back here," she said firmly. When Julie kep walking, she grabebd the girl's wrist. "I told you to get back here!" she shouted, bringing her hand down on Julie's face. 

 "Don't touch me," the teenager suddenly screamed, yanking her wrist from Cara's grip and bolting up the stairs to her bedroom.

 Cara stood in the hallv for a few seconds, blinking. It wasn't the first time she had hit her niece, but it was the first time she had reacted like that.

 Julie slid down her bedroom door until she was stiiing on the green carpet. Fresh blood dripped from the new cut on her arm.

 "Please, mammy," she whispered. "Please come back. I need you." Salty tears rolled down her ashen cheeks when Cara knocked on the door.

 "I have t go to work. There's food for you in the oven," she called calmly. the fron door closed and the car out of the drive before Julie finall stood up. She picked up her phone and dialled the most frequently called number. 

 "Liam," she muttered, "I need you." Knowing he would understan, she opened her window before collapsing onto her bed.

 "What am I going to do?" Julie opened her eyes to see Liam pacing around her room, messing up his hair. Julie looked down at her arm to see he had wrapped a clean white bandage around it. Of course her did. It was Liam.

 Without her even saying anything, he knew she was awake. "Juile, you promised you stopped." He spun around to facde her. The hurt in his voice scared her. She'd upset him. 

 "I screamed at her. I feel awful," she said, trying to defend herself. She had always accepted anything Cara said or did. It was, after all, her own fault. She drove her mother away and dumped herself on Cara, who had been enjoying life.

 "She deserved it, Jules. I'm glad you did. You need to stand up for yourself more. And stop regretting it." He sat up on the bed, looking at her sadly. "Please stop. It hurts me too, you know. It hurts that I can't stop you." He was looking straight at her arm. 

 "I ruined her life, Liam. I deserve it, not her," Julie whispered, ashamed to admit it. For the first time ever, she couldn't meet his eyes.

 "Jules, look at me." He lifter her chin, and she was surprised to see the hint of a smile on his lips. "She's just jealous that you spend all your time with me instead of staying here with her. She wanted you for the company, love, and she didn't get it. That's all. And jealousy's a bitch." They both laughed at his last comment, the mood finally lightening. 

 "Can you stay here tonight?" Julie asked, hope burning in her eyes.

 Liam grinned. "Already organised." He pointed to his bag in the corner. "Now, move over." He climbed into the bed with her, frowning slightly when he saw the purpling bruise on her cheek. That must have been one hell of a slap. His anger flared for a moment, but faded as Julie snuggled into him.

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