Say Something

What do you do when your best friend suddenly breaks all contact with you?


2. Chapter 1

Chapter 1:

The long grass swayed in the summer breeze as the sun set, painting each cloud a vibrant pink. They lay there, not speaking, just looking at the beautiful sky and thinking. Thinking how lucky they were to have found each other. 

 Julie lay her head on Liam's chest and listened to the steady rhythm of his heart. Her short blonde hair was everywhere, but it didn't matter; they were together. 

 As the evening bore on and the temperature dropped, they didn't move an inch, except when Liam put his arms around his best friend. Horses wandered past, occasionally stopping for a moment to sniff at the content teenagers.

 When darkness finally fell, Julie's pocket lit up and began to vibrate. She sighed and fished her phone out, sliding her thumb across the screen.

 "I'm with Liam," was all she said before hanging up and going back to her original position. Both of their guardians knew not to try keep them apart, but Liam's were much more accepting of the fact.

As the winds began to pick up, they both stood, spoke no words, and walked to their houses, which were only a field apart, but completely different parts of town. They looked at each other, sharing a small smile before parting. Julie dragged her heels, not wanting to go into her small house with just her aunt. 

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