Judging love

Judging others makes us blind, whereas love is illuminating


1. 1

I was woken up by my annoying alarm clock , i groan and try to find my phone to turn the alarm off. My eyes were half open so it took me about 2minutes to find my iphone . When my hand finally found the thin device i quickly turned my alarm off , i checked my text i had about 60 or more text messages. I'm the popular girl at school , i really don't like the title because i don't even act like it I'm just a normal girl who know a bunch of people. I'm nice to everybody and I'm a straight A student so don't think i'm that type of popular girl that you see in movie that is stuck up and make nerds do there homework. After replying to all my text messages i jumped out of my bed , i skip to my bathroom and did all my necessities that needed to be done . I walked to my closet and pulled out a white 5sos tank top , black highwasited shorts and my white vans. I walked back into my bathroom and put on my outfit . Now its time for hair now this is when war has begong , lets just say my hair is not a morning person. After like a billion hour later i finally manage to put my hair up into a cute topknot , i checked my time if i don't get going im going to be late for the first day of senior year . I ran downstairs said my goodmorning and goodbyes to my parents , i swing my book bag strap over my shoulder and walked out. I passed by my nieghbor home shocked at what my eyes are seeing Marcel range rover is still parked in the driveway ? what the hell ? He always leave his house 30 minutes early so he can "get prepare" for class. At this time he probably going to be late like me right now , i stop staring at the driveway with my mouth open like a weirdo and started running to school i'm in need for a car like now. Finally i arrive to school , i didn't have time to say hi to my friends so i made my way to my first period class which is science ew . The teacher made us stand up by the wall because she assign us our science partner , she called out everybody and I'm the only one left standing.

'Scarlet Hayden and Marcel Styles , Marcel Styles Marcel Styles? no Marcel today i see' she said Marcel is absent mark your calenders children this NEVER happened.



2 Weeks Later I'm already tired of school , we been giving so much homework and my science partner since haven't show up . I'm starting to think he getting home school his parents have the money plus he gets bully alot he must have gotten tired of it . I groan when i started pulling out my books out of my book bag , its Sunday night and I'm doing homework always leaving everything in the last minute you know the usual. After hours of crying for help and pulling my hair out making me bald I'm finally done with homework i threw my books back inside my back and started doing my happy dance don't judge.After my happy dance I walk in my bathroom , peeled of my clothes and jumped in the shower. I quickly cleaned my self and jumped right out. I slipped on my pj shorts and my tank top , i pulled my hair into a pony tail and i ran to my bed , jumped right in and feel asleep in seconds god how i love my bed.


'its Monday Monday gotta get up on Monday oh how i hate school school ' i started singing , damn someone should contract me asap. I walked downstairs yelling my goodbyes to my parents . As i was walking down the stairs of my porch i realize Marcel car isn't there? . I shrug it off and started making my way downtown walking fast faces pass and I'm home bound. Nope i just started making my way to the good old school oh god can this year go faster?. Right when i step one foot in the school building my best friends ran to me squealing ? why they squealing? i looked around fast and saw every girl talking into each other ears and jumping up and down , what the hell is going on?. I guess Mia read my mind. 'NEW HOT GUY IN OUR SCHOOL HE SO HOT OMG HE HAS TATTOOS AND I CANT BREATHE JESUS' Mia screamed and started breathing in a abnormal way , This guy must be really hot he already got girls panties dropping ew did i just say that? i did. After a 30mintue speech from my best friends about how hot this guy is blah blah blah the bell for first period finally rung , this my kids is why you don't go to school early. The hallways today has so much traffic because of the group of girls just standing in the middle of the hallways talking about the "new guy". Finally i arrived to class as i made my way to the seat i feel weird like somethings going to happen i just don't know what. I sat down and pulled out of books , but wheres my pen? ugh must be in the bottom of my book bag great. As i was in search of my pen , i hear the chair next to me creak i just ignored it and kept my head in my book bag. I found my pen finally , i was going to place my book bag on the chair next to me but somebody not letting me i looked next to me and saw a head full of curls , a band tank top and rip jeans. His chest was half expose showing two beautiful bird tattoos and his arms full of different tattoos. I was snap of my daze when i hear thoses words come out of my science teacher mouth. 'Styles you got some catching up to do , maybe Miss Hayden can catch you up on what we learned' she spoke 'Marcel?!?' i gasp loud making everybody attention on me 'Hey babe' he smirk


A/N- well edit later sorry for any mistakes xx

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