Short Stories

>This are the stories that are just short stories or long stories just all around a bunch of stories put together! Hope you enjoy!<


1. The Mobs

Kat turned around, gritting her teeth at the sound of the undead and alien creatures around her wood hut. She knew that she wasn't safe, but yet Kat's legs refused to move from the hut and kill all of the creatures around her. It wasn't like she was scared, more like she didn't want anymore bloodshed around her. She still hadn't found her bestfriend, Caitlyn, so that was probably the one priority on her mind. Kat struggled to get up, hurting herself every moment. No medicine in this dystopia, so nothing can help her raging headaches. Smirking, Kat loaded her quiver with a ton of arrows, slinging her bow and freshly cut diamond sword over her shoulders. Die Mobs.

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