The Island

Growing up in a small town has left Gwen Taylor wanting more. She is an average student but is a nobody in the eyes of other. Harry Styles is the hottest, talented guy in the school. The person every guy wants to be. The guy every girl wants to date. When the school takes a trip to Africa, both teens worlds turn upside down. Taking an adventure on a party boat leaves them stranded on an island with only each other to survive.


1. Gwen

Gwen's P.O.V.


"Are you sure you packed enough?" My mom said going through my things one last time before we put them into the car. She ran her fingers through her dark black hair then looked at me. "Gwen? Are you listening to me? It isn't everyday you get the opportunity to go to Africa."


I rolled my eyes at her then sighed, "Mom, I got everything. I'll only be gone for two weeks. Its nothing. I packed more than enough."


She went on and on, going through my stuff again. I ignored her. My mom was very... Organized I guess. She was the type of person who had to double check, check her double check, them give it one last check before she was done with it. She hoped that her craziness would rub off on me but it didn't. I took after my dad.


Chad walked into my room with a smile on his face, "Honey, Gwen has to be on the bus in ten. We have to go." My mother swooned over Chad then repacked my stuff to put into the car. I groaned under my breath. It was days like these I really hated Chad and really missed my dad. I shook my head grabbing my iPhone and headphones for the trip. Two weeks away from my family was perfect. If only it wasn't with the school.


On the way there, I ignored my mom and Chad talking about their wedding. My mom was trying to talk to me but I wasn't up for her new life story. I couldn't wait to get on the bus to leave.


The second we pulled up to the school, I jumped out of the car to grab my bags. I gave my mom a little hug then jogged to the bus. Hopefully Chad felt the cold shoulder I was giving him. I had my reasons for not liking him and I planned on keeping them.


"Gwen!" My best friend, Lydia, called from the back.


I kept my head down as I passed Harry and his groupies. He was your average asshole guy who thought he ran the school. In a way he did with his charismatic looks and charm but I saw through it. Just like I saw through everybody here. Life in a small town creates secrets whether you want them or not.


I settled in next to Lydia and listened to her talk about how amazing this trip was going to be. She couldn't wait to meet the locals and get to know one of the kids on the trip better. I nodded as she talked not really caring. I was more focused on Harry.


We use to be best friends until middle school. The second he grew into his ears, life changed. He started to ignore me for other girls. I didn't mind it but I missed my best friend. Then the day came when his first girlfriend told me to back off of him. Every time I went near him, she would find ways to get to me. Harry never did a thing about it.


"Gwen Taylor!" Mr. May called.


 I snapped out of my daze and said, "Here!"


"Gwen, you okay? You seem distracted." Lydia said.


I nodded, "Yeah, just ready to get out of Indiana. How many hours till we get on the plane?"


"Two!" Lydia giggle.


I smiled. Two hours till my life changed forever. 

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