I Need You | Luke Hemmings

They meet, they get along, they have fun. The past starts to catch up and the future threatens to pull them apart. Will what they feel be enough to keep them together when things start to get rough?


5. Walking Away

On monday i was dreading Starbucks. Not going crossed my mind, but the physical pain it caused me to imagine going 2 days without my fix was enough to get me out of my flat. You can do this. What are the chances of him trying the same thing twice? None, it appeared. Luke himself was waiting at Starbucks' door with a drink in each hand. He had dark clothing, ray-bans and a grey beanie that covered his entire head; but i saw his piercing and stopped dead in my tracks. Could i turn around and walk all of the 10 block to the nearest Starbucks, walk the 15 blocks back and make it to university on time? My chance slipped when he noticed me.

"Don't even think about running away" his smirk was so cute.

"How could I? Everything's covered in ice. I would probably end up with a broken pelvis" i kicked a bit of snow with my boot to make my point and he laughed coming closer.

"How's the head, huh?"

"You know. Its been better, its been worst" I shrugged. I was trying to not give it much importance, even though I could see everyone staring at the purple blotch on my forehead when i got out both yesterday and today. He put the frappe against the bump and i jumped, grabbing his wrist with both my hands.

"Hey! Thats cold!"

"So was the one you threw at me"

"It was an accident! And i apologized" i pulled on his sleeve until he let go. His smile was still there. Was it bad that i liked it? I Could imagine his eyes sparkling with laughter under the sunglasses. Was i making such a big deal out of this just to piss him of? I did hate when people got stuff for me, but i accepted it so i wouldn't seen rude.

"I know, I'm just acting out since you keep rejecting my thank-you-and-im-sorry drink" Luke was pouting!

"I thought it was an im-sorry-and-thank-you drink" i said smirking. The cutest smiled took over his face... He was going to say something but i cut him off.

"I don't want it" i crossed my arms over my chest regaining my stubborn expression.

"You don't want a drink? What are you doing here, then?" He pointed to the Starbucks door and sipped from his hot cup (I'm not sure what it was). Exhaling dramatically he closed his eyes to prove the deliciousness of it.

"I really want a drink, i just don't want you to buy it for me" my mouth was starting to water. Dripping saliva is not hot though, so i struggled to keep my face neutral.

"Isn't it the same? Come on, I can see you drooling! Just take it and let me walk you home" his smug face was so annoying! He really thought i was going to accept. He didn't know me well enough then.

"Let me spell it out out for you.. N-O. I can get stuff for myself, i don't need it" i hopped he didn't notice my lying. I did need a frappe.. "Now if you excuse me, i have a frappe-deprived day to get started with. Nice seeing you Luke" with that i smiled politely and walked away. Of course, he followed me.

"I dont know if i like your stubbornness or if it drives me crazy"

"Same goes to your rockstar overconfidence, my friend" that made him stop and grab my arm so i looked at him.

"You know who i am?" His eyebrows rose over the frames. He was surprised.

"You're Luke" i was having a blast feigning innocence. He rolled his eyes.

"Yeah,dont.. You know what i mean!.. Luke me, from 5SOS"


"So you don't? But what..?" He was trying to make sense of what i was saying without success. I smiled really big.

"Do you think i live under a rock?" He didn't need to know that i didn't now at first.. He smiled too and shook his head.

"I guess not, since when?"

"Since when what?" For stuff like this my poor little friends wanted to kill me most of the time.

"Since when do you know"

"Since when do i know what?" The exasperation in his face amused me to no end.

"Since when do you know that i play in 5 seconds of summer!"

"Oh, you do?! Omg! Can i have an autograph?!" I started jumping like and excited fan. He rolled his eyes at me.

"Oh god"

I laughed at him. "Only show-biz guys use jeans that tight" he saw that i was making fun of him and laughed looking down while running a hand through his hair.

"I have great legs, ok? They deserve to be shown" Sarcasm was a must with this guy.

"I thought i was the one with great legs.." I replied looking at his extremely long ones "and your modesty is astonishing. How do you keep yourself so grounded?" He laughed.

"I have annoying girls that insult me so I feel normal" his big smile made me smile too.

"Do they get paid?" I moved my eyebrows up and down suggestively.

"Of course! I pay them with frappuccinos" boy, was he proud of his quick thinking. I just rolled my eyes.

"Make sure to give my condolences to those poor souls" i said resting a hand on my heart before turning around to keep on walking. I WAS trying to go away after all! I heard his loud laugher behind me and smiled to myself. The problem was, i wasn't the only one that heard it.


I looked back and saw his scared expression.

Thats when the yelling began. There's nothing I can compare the experience to, and they weren't even yelling at me. In a matter of seconds (5 seconds.. ;) ) the screaming girl turned into 10 and then 20. All crowding around Luke; asking for pictures, his signature, videos, hugs, and even kisses. He put on a sexy face, took off his ray-bans like the punk-rock god he was (the one he thought he was, at least), and started flirting with them all. The change was breathtaking and jaw-dropping. I got shoved away and dirty looks were thrown my way by the girls that had seen us talking before, so from a block away i stopped to take it all in. Luke was overconfident because they made him that way. But if you looked closely there were still things from when he was just a little self-conscious boy. I had seen it when he looked down when he laughed and in how he shoved his hands in his pockets. When he was cocky, it was half truth, half a game and i loved it. I love guys that don't take themselves too seriously. But this? It was 100% real. And it made me nervous. Walking away was easy after that. He was distracted and I used that time to disappear. I used to be the quite girl nobody paid much attention to. Now all those years of turning invisible finally paid of.

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